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Quick Hits: Misconceptions Week 7: Go home Zac Stacy you fooled us.

There's a lot of malarkey bouncing around this time of year. We're going to get into what you should and shouldn't believe.

Evan Habeeb

Not every school is a fit for every student. In fact, sometimes a kid is a horrendous fit for a great school. Not necessarily because he lacks talent or smarts, but because his attitude or work ethic might not align with the vision of the school. Maybe there was too much competition or expectation placed on him. Maybe that kid will excel in a lesser school. Maybe the pond was just a little too big for him. Maybe it makes sense for that kid not to go to Harvard and try out an Arizona State. Maybe.

Or maybe he wasn't as smart as you thought he was. Maybe we're just making excuses for him.

And that's all we'll say about the former Seahawk now Jet Percy Harvin.

Moving into a few popular theories this week in the fantasy football world and checking on their validity.

Theory 1: Drafting Zac Stacy as a #1 back is officially a bust of a decision

Yup. He fooled us all. The whole "no Sam Bradford = infinite amount of carries for Stacy statistically" argument got me. I thought we had a legit power back who could make things happen in St. Louis.

But we don't.

Conclusion: Stacy officially is at best a mediocre flex play from here on out. Benny Cunningham is the more interesting of the two backs in St. Louis. Stacy is owned in basically every league but is grossly overrated at this point in time. You're better off stashing a Donald Brown type on your bench than keeping Stacy around to take up a starting spot and churn out 60 yards at best.

Theory 2: Bishop Sankey is about to break out

Slow down on this one. Yes Sankey will continue to be a top option out of the backfield for the Titans while Shonn Greene remains injured, but Sankey was not earth-shattering in his featured back debut last week, and he has an extremely tough matchup against a potent Washington Run-D on Sunday.

Conclusion: Eventually it's going to happen. Bishop Sankey is too talented to not be a featured back for long. But it's not happening just yet. Give the kid a few weeks...he'll get there.There are better plays this week.

That's all for specific theories, but a note in general regarding fantasy advice. six weeks in you've reached the point where a bust is a bust and not just "rusty." You're allowed to start cutting those draft picks that you thought were going to be something but just aren't. Six weeks is enough of a sample size. A miss is a miss at this point.