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Week 5 Wide Receiver Rankings

With 6 teams coming off of a bye week, how does this shake up the WR rankings? Robert has the answers for you with his week 5 rankings.

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As we are now entering the fifth week of the season, six teams will be coming off a bye week, and two more will go on bye this week.  This is key to remember, as you may not be limited in your options, and a good reminder that your lineup from last week may not be sufficient.  I will list the teams who have a bye week this week just above the rankings, that way you can see which of your guys will not be playing this week.  With only two teams on bye this week, the WR rankings will look fairly normal as to the depth of the position.  Remember to put those stud receivers you had on bye last week back into your lineup, giving yourself the best chance of winning.  Let us now dive into the comments and rankings for WR's in week 4.

Calvin Johnson - I am not too worried about his performance last week.  He was only displayed out there as a decoy, and made it through the entire game without getting hurt.  Sure you may have preferred they sat him out if they were not going to use him, but I expect a big game this week.  Don't read too much into my ranking him behind Brown.  It is only because Brown has earned the number one spot with how he has been playing, and they get Jacksonville.

Kelvin Benjamin - I wrote about Benjamin last week, but I need to talk about him again.  The more I watch him play, the more impressed I am.  He was ranked 16th last week with six teams on bye, and now finds himself in the top 10.  I feel as though he will hover right around the top ten if he continues to perform at this level week in and week out.

DeAndre Hopkins - I've seen a few people saying that Hopkins will be this years Alshon Jeffery, and it is hard to argue against it.  He is a physically imposing player, with exceptional athletic abilities.  Each week he seems to make a ridiculous catch that shows you why he is a future star in this leauge, and may be blossoming into one by the second half of the year.  He will be right around my top 15 for most of the season from here on forward.

Brandon Marshall - Once I know that he is fully healthy, he will go back to his top ten status.  Marshall is severely limited in what he is able to do right now, and Jay Cutler isn't helping him out any.  Since week two he has done very little, so until he shows his true talents, he will continue to slide in the rankings.

Brandin Cooks - If only Kenny Stills wasn't playing, Cooks would rank much higher.  They are going against the bad Tampa Bay defense, which should be great news for any receiver going against it.  The problem that comes up is that Cooks is apart of an organization, that has too many mouths to feed.  There are only scraps leftover after what is fed to Graham at this point, and until they get consolidated to one guy, it will be fantasy madness from week to week.

Andrew Hawkins - Wanted to rank him higher, but couldn't find anyone else I would start him over.  You know exactly what you are getting with him, and that is always great to have.  In PPR leagues he would rank much higher and should be an automatic start at this point.

Washington Receivers - I don't trust Kirk Cousins going up against the Seahawks, so Garcon and Jackson are rated real low.  I would try to look elsewhere for options this week

Marvin Jones - Not even sure if he plays this week, but wanted to include him at the bottom of the rankings to let you know that he is practicing again, and looks to be on track for this week or next week.  If he is available in your league, I would immediately pick him up, as he scored double digit TD's last year.  Seeing Sanu put up some good numbers at the beginning of the year is good to see for the second receiver spot in this offense.  Jones proved to be a great target for Dalton last year, and I expect him to pick up where he left off with him.

Teams On Bye: Miami Dolphins, Oakland Raiders

Rank Player Team Opponent
1 Antonio Brown Pittsburgh Steelers Jaguars
2 Calvin Johnson Detroit Lions Bills
3 Jordy Nelson Green Bay Packers Vikings
4 Julio Jones Atlanta Falcons Giants
5 Dez Bryant Dallas Cowboys Texans
6 Demaryius Thomas Denver Broncos Cardinals
7 Randall Cobb Green Bay Packers Vikings
8 Jeremy Maclin Philadelphia Eagles Rams
9 A.J. Green Cincinnati Bengals Patriots
10 Kelvin Benjamin Carolina Panthers Bears
11 Alshon Jeffery Chicago Bears Panthers
12 Steve Smith Baltimore Ravens Colts
13 Roddy White Atlanta Falcons Giants
14 DeAndre Hopkins Houston Texans Cowboys
15 Brandon Marshall Chicago Bears Panthers
16 Vincent Jackson Tampa Bay Buccaneers Saints
17 Michael Crabtree San Francisco 49ers Chiefs
18 Percy Harvin Seattle Seahawks Redskins
19 Emmanuel Sanders Denver Broncos Cardinals
20 Michael Floyd Arizona Cardinals Broncos
21 Andre Johnson Houston Texans Cowboys
22 Reggie Wayne Indianapolis Colts Ravens
23 Keenan Allen San Diego Chargers Jets
24 Marques Colston New Orleans Saints Buccaneers
25 Brandin Cooks New Orleans Saints Buccaneers
26 Eric Decker New York Jets Chargers
27 Brian Quick St. Louis Rams Eagles
28 Victor Cruz New York Giants Falcons
29 Markus Wheaton Pittsburgh Steelers Jaguars
30 Sammy Watkins Buffalo Bills Lions
31 Andrew Hawkins Cleveland Browns Titans
32 Julian Edelman New England Patriots Bengals
33 Pierre Garcon Washington Redskins Seahawks
34 Cordarrelle Patterson Minnesota Vikings Packers
35 Golden Tate Detroit Lions Bills
36 T.Y. Hilton Indianapolis Colts Ravens
37 DeSean Jackson Washington Redskins Seahawks
38 Terrance Williams Dallas Cowboys Texans
39 Rueben Randle New York Giants Falcons
40 Kendall Wright Tennessee Titans Browns
41 Justin Hunter Tennessee Titans Browns
42 Larry Fitzgerald Arizona Cardinals Broncos
43 Eddie Royal San Diego Chargers Jets
44 Miles Austin Cleveland Browns Titans
45 Greg Jennings Minnesota Vikings Packers
46 Allen Hurns Jacksonville Jaguars Steelers
47 Wes Welker Denver Broncos Cardinals
48 Devin Hester Atlanta Falcons Giants
49 Dwayne Bowe Kansas City Chiefs 49ers
50 Marvin Jones Cincinnati Bengals Patriots