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EPL: Players to Target

The Wildcard is available to use and with injuries piling on, it's time to use it wisely.

The United Killer
The United Killer
Alex Livesey

For those that are unaware, the free wildcard is available to use now. The wildcard allows you to substitute as many players as you wish without deducting any points from your point total. It is the January transfer window, which means, teams are able to buy and sell players. This means, new players will become available, for example, Chelsea are chasing Inter Milan's Fredy Guarin. If they succeed, Guarin will be a player that was not available before, now available for selection. Another scenario, is a current player, such as Demba Ba, who has no real value to fantasy owners right now, could see a boost in value should he be sold to the likes of Newcastle, West Ham or Arsenal as rumored.

Theo Walcott was carted off the field in Arsenal's 2-0 victory over Tottenham in the FA Cup. It didn't look good, but it didn't stop Theo from being Theo, as he gestured to the fans "2-0" while being carted off. We just found out that Theo will now miss six months with a ruptured knee ligament. So, if you were like me, and believed Walcott was finally hitting top form and added him to your fantasy team, I'm sorry to say, it's time to find a replacement. Have no fear, though, that's why I'm here. I have some very intriguing "cheap" options with loads of potential as well as household names that have been forgotten due to injury or just bad form.

Serge Gnabry

Gnabry doesn't get much playing time, but whenever he does, he tends to impress. He got the start against Tottenham in the FA Cup and oh did he impress. He was very dangerous on the attack and created several chances for Arsenal. Most impressive of all is probably his age. Gnabry is only 18 years old and is already showing signs of a lethal attacking player. He now has the opportunity of a lifetime to take the world by storm and show off his skills on a consistent basis. I expect to see a heavy dose of Gnabry now that Walcott is out. At just 4.2mil in the Fantasy Premier League, you better believe I'm going to take a chance on him and get him on my team.

Wilfried Bony

The United Killer. I just made that up, not sure if people are actually calling him that, but they should! Bony sent Manchester United home in the FA Cup with his 90th minute header at Old Trafford. Before he did that, he terrorized Manchester City's defence with a brace. That gives him three goals in two games and against two big clubs as well. Bony faces United in the league next, then he gets to face Tottenham, Fulham, West Ham and Cardiff City. Every team I just listed, except for United, has allowed more goals than they have scored. This bodes well for a striker that's hitting form.

Mesut Ozil

Ozil has been injured for a little while now, and he is finally back healthy. Just in time too, as Arsenal could really use him with all the injuries they are facing. I would imagine Arsenal's attack will be heavily relied upon Ozil, and he will be pulling all the strings. I would do whatever possible to try and get him on my fantasy team.

Jack Wilshere

Again, with all the injuries, Wilshere is going to have to really step up. I think he is ready for that challenge and will impress in the second half of the season. He's not that expensive either, so the risk is minimal.

Daniel Sturridge

Hey! Remember this guy?!?! He was a goal machine at the beginning of the season and then he just vanished. Well, the injury bug hit ol' Danny Boy as it usually does, but he has now returned to training - A MONTH AHEAD OF SCHEDULE! There are even rumors that he could be fit enough to make an appearance this Saturday! I, for one, am going to wait and see with Sturridge. He has been out for so long, I'm not going to risk getting him now. It could take him a while to get back into form and with Suarez showing absolutely no signs of slowing down, it might be difficult for Sturridge to get back to his goal scoring ways.

Cesar Azpilicueta

Jose Mourinho has turned Azpilicueta into a versatile threat. Before Mourinho, Cesar was strictly a RB, Mourinho challenged him and forced him into the LB role. Azpi didn't complain, instead he flourished. Now, Chelsea have a very talented fullback that can play on either side of the pitch. It's safe to say, Jose Mourinho is truly a genius. Branislav Ivanovic is recovering from injury, so Cesar should see a lot of time at RB for the moment, but even when Ivanovic does come back, Azpilicueta will see a lot of time at LB as well. Cesar is not very expensive, actually a bargain, right now at 5.3mil.

Clint Dempsey

The American is back with his old club on loan. His price is set at 7.4mil and he could really help Fulham in their quest to get back to respectable ways. They have been downright awful as a team this season and were even in the relegation zone for a little bit. They have since dragged themselves out, but are still only a few points away from going back down to the relegation zone. They need to hit a run of form and dig themselves out of this hole and Clint Dempsey will definitely help them in reaching that goal.

Do you agree or disagree with these options? Who are you targeting? Share your thoughts in the comments or on twitter.

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