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FakeTeams Catcher Rankings Visualized

A quick look at how our rankings compared between writers

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Part of the beauty of our FakeTeams Consensus Rankings (besides their stunning accuracy) is the variety of opinions we offer on all players. Many of us selfishly look at rankings for justification of our decisions as opposed to a curious investigation into where a player should be drafted. A wide variety of opinions indirectly caters to this need for confirmation. So what I wanted to do was put together a quick, interactive visual to demonstrate the varying opinions of our FakeTeams writers.

The viz is fairly straightforward. Each catcher is plotted by their most recent ADP on vs. their auction value as calculated by Daniel Schwartz.  The color of the dot represents each player's aggregate Ranking Points. Simply click on a player to view a bar graph of how each writer ranked that player. Hover your mouse over a dot for some additional information. I'm not entirely sold with the ADP data and plan to update it time-to-time.

I hope to build out this visualization as we release each ranking and end up with an overall ranking tool that our readers can use during their draft preparation. I welcome all feedback/criticism. This is a project that I hope to expand out to a useful tool for all of our readers.

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