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Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Top 20 Position Rankings

Over the course of the offseason, I have been published my top 20 rankings for each position, including my Top 60 outfielders, Top 75 starting pitchers and Top 100 hitter rankings. Today, I publish links to all of them.

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Rankings season is upon us and we kick off our consensus ranking series on Monday  with Catcher Week. Catcher Week provides you with our consensus rankings for the Top 30 Fantasy Catcher for 2014, along with player profiles for some up and coming catching prospects as well as big league catchers who will help you in 2014.

For more on what you will see beginning on Monday, check out this link with all the details.

Until then, I give you my position rankings, top 100 hitters and top 100 starting pitchers. But know this, I have made changes to my rankings since publishing them in the links below, but will save them for the Fake Teams Consensus Rankings that begins on January 20th.

The Fake Teams 2014 Consensus Position Rankings will include the opinions of 8 of the fantasy baseball writers where we get together and rank our top 30 at each position, along with our top 75 outfielders and top 75 starting pitchers. We will spend a week on each position, providing MLB rankings, player projections from Daniel Schwartz from Fake Teams and Rotobanter,  Daniel Kelley's fantasy average, along with player profiles, profiles on prospects who can make an impact in 2014, players to target, players to avoid, AL-only and NL-only sleepers, draft strategy and much more. I will be publshing the schedule either this weekend or on Monday morning.

While you wait for our consensus position rankings, have a look at my own position rankings, with my Top 100 Hitters being my most recent addition to the rankings pieces. Today, I give you links to each of the position rankings published to date, along with some fantasy draft strategy articles to consider when preparing for your drafts:

2014 Rankings

Top 20 Catchers

Top 20 First Baseman

Top 20 Second Baseman

Top 20 Shortstops

Top 20 Third Baseman

Top 30 Outfielders

Top 60 Outfielders

Top 100 Starting Pitchers

Top 100 Starting Pitchers (@BrianCreagh)

Top 30 Closers

Top 100 Hitters

Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategy

The disappearing 30 home run hitter

More data that offense is heading south

Power vs Speed

Drafting aces early?

Searching for the K

Trends in 5 x 5 pitching categories

Trends in 5 x 5 hitting categories

Starting Pitcher draft strategy: K/100 pitches

Starting Pitcher draft strategy: Target Ground Ball pitchers part 1

Starting Pitcher draft strategy: Target Ground Ball pitchers part 2

Fantasy Rundown

If you are looking for more fantasy baseball rankings, make sure you check out Fantasy Rundown, the one stop spot on the internet for all the fantasy baseball information you will need to win in 2014.