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EPL Week 5 Review

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Taking a look at the good and bad from Week 5.

Alex Livesey

(Before I start, I have included a poll that lets you pick which day of the week you would like for my columns to come out. I have mostly made it a Thursday and Friday thing so I can wait and see who is injured, who might not be playing and so forth. If you would like it earlier in the week, just let me know. Above all, please do vote. People in government restrictive countries would put their life on the line to be able to vote on this! (Okay, maybe not.) Anyway, it is up to you. VOTE OR DIE!)

What a strange weekend it was in the EPL. Manchester City ran amok on Manchester United at Etihad Stadium, Liverpool went down at Anfield to Southampton and Chelsea took down the mighty Cottagers. (Okay, so everything wasn't as crazy as it seemed.) Here are some notes from the exciting past weekend:

- The Daniel Sturridge bandwagon is over, at least when it comes to me. Scoreless in the last two matches, including a stinker on Saturday. It will not get any easier for Sturridge as well as the Reds travel to Sunderland this weekend.

- How in the world did I miss Sergio Aguero having a big game for City? I should have known. He loves playing against United. I will take the blame for that one.

- Thankfully, Wayne Rooney helped redeem my advice just a bit. He was also the only Red Devil who looked like he wanted to be on the pitch on Sunday. I would keep playing Rooney as long as he plays as if he is mad at the world. That is when he is at his best.

- Just a few days after giving Jozy Altidore encourage remarks to the press, Paolo Di Canio gets canned by Sunderland. The hammer came down after a three goal drubbing by West Bromwich Albion (seriously, change your name) and confronting West Brom fans. What a way to go out though!

- HEY! It's a Leighton Baines sighting!!! Thanks for showing up to the party two weeks too late!

- Fulham wouldn't be able to score right now even if the opposing team pulled the goalie for the entire 2nd half. Martin Jol, you need to get this thing going. I do NOT want to be stuck cheering for a team in the Championship League next year. (This concludes my weekly gripe about Fulham.)

- Oh wait, did I say I am done? Sorry. I am not. Fulham had one (1!) shot on goal against Chelsea on Saturday. Way to put the pressure on Cech guys. You know how many shots Fulham had total? 4! THREE OF THOSE CAME FROM STEVE SIDWELL!!!! I can't see straight right now.

- It does make me feel better that Sunday's loss will bring the Liverpool fan base back down to Earth for a bit.

- Arsenal is at the top of the table? I did not see this coming. ARSENE WENGER FOR KING OF THE WORLD!

- I can't be the only one who finds someone with the last name Noble (in this case, West Ham's Mark Noble) getting a red card, can I? Hello? Are you out there? Okay, I suppose I can.

- Norwich City's Robert Snodgrass missed a crucial penalty near the beginning of the match verse Aston Villa. The Villains won 1-0. That has to hurt.

- I expect Aaron Ramsey to save an orphanage full of children from a blazing fire the way he has been going lately. If this was an American sport, every sports columnist would be accusing him of PED use. I would love to know who the British equivalent of Dan Shaughnessy is. Wait, no I don't. I already despise that guy and I don't even know who it is yet.