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Fantasy football: Michael Vick setting trap game for fantasy owners in Week 3?

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Vick is having a career resurgence under Chip Kelly, but is he a good option this Thursday or will he leave owners in wont all weekend long?

Rich Schultz

Through two games, this is the best we've seen Michael Vick play since... well, this might be the best Vick has ever been. The closest thing to it would be his stretch in 2010 with the Eagles that had Twitter and most of America buzzing from the ex-con that was all but forgiven after he helped you win your fantasy league.

That season, Vick took over as Philly's starting quarterback and scored 30 touchdowns in 12 games. Even more amazing was a seven game stretch that saw Vick complete 63.56% of his passes for 2,001 yards, 14 touchdowns, six interceptions, 415 rushing yards and six more touchdowns. Over a full 16-game season, that would come out to 4,573 yards passing, 32 touchdowns, 14 interceptions, 948 rushing yards with 14 touchdowns.

As far as fantasy football goes, that's abbadee-abbadee-abbadee-That's all folks!

Though it's only been two games, the Vick we are watching under Chip Kelly is, dare I say, even more efficient than the Vick we saw in 2010. He's completing 62.9% of his passes for 631 yards, four touchdowns, no interceptions, and 77 rushing yards with two more touchdowns. He's scored three touchdowns in each of the first two games and is coming off of a career-high 428 passing yard game against the Chargers.

We used to have this belief the Vick wasn't any good if he couldn't provide a significant threat with his legs, but even in the absence of Jeremy Maclin, Vick has been one of the better passing quarterbacks in the league. He ran it just six times for 23 yards against San Diego, but is still a threat to score on the ground when inside the red zone and that's a very good thing for fantasy owners.

You'd have to believe that Kelly just knows how to properly utilize and protect Vick will putting him in the best position to succeed that he can, and Vick is second in the NFL behind only Aaron Rodgers with 10.2 yards per attempt. With DeSean Jackson playing at an unreal level (league-high 297 yards) and LeSean McCoy adding 356 yards of total offense thus far, Kelly has helped build Vick and the Eagles offense into a dangerous one and certainly puts him in the upper echelon of fantasy quarterbacks.

Except that I don't really love him this week.

Knocks against Vick in Week 3 are that he's playing on Thursday night, giving the 33-year-old QB just a few days of rest before facing the Kansas City Chiefs.

Through two games, the Chiefs have allowed just 18 points (though, they did play the Jaguars) and looked like one of the best defenses in the league. The truth is that Kansas City's defense was already good with players like Tamba Hali, Eric Berry, Derrick Johnson, and Justin Houston, but what they needed was a competent offense that allowed them to get off of the field. With Alex Smith basically repeating his production over the last two years in San Francisco, that's what KC has right now.

They already have nine sacks (3 for Houston, 3.5 for Dontari Poe), two interceptions, 12 pass deflections, and two forced fumbles. Sacks, pass deflections, and forced fumbles are the mortal enemies of Vick.

They held the Cowboys to 16 points just a week after Dallas scored 36 against the Giants.

And Vick just seems due. He had 10 interceptions and 11 fumbles in 10 games last season and has fumbled twice in two games this season. He's likely going to be on the run a lot against the Eagles, and it's already been pointed out that he's not the runner that he used to be. I'd also tend to believe that Brandon Flowers is the best corner that DeSean Jackson has seen this season and if you can limit Vick's number one option, the number two, three, and four options aren't all that good.

Kelly has done a wonderful scheming an offense suited for Vick, but he's got his work cut out for him this week. After the Chiefs, the Eagles play five of the next seven games on the road, including stops in Denver, New York, Tampa Bay, and Green Bay, so his work will never be finished.

I'm just always a little more concerned about players playing in games that are only designed to be played on nights that'll make the NFL more money. It's not ideal for fantasy football.