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EPL Week 4: Defenders and Midfielders

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Taking a look at what defenders and midfielders to play or bench this week.

Shaun Botterill


  • Daniel Agger (Liverpool) - Well, I was completely wrong about Agger last time so I figured I owed it to him to give him some props this week. Agger was a key part to Liverpool's win over Manchester United. Look for his strong play to continue against Swansea. (VERDICT: PLAY)
  • Any Crystal Palace Defender - Like I said in yesterday's column, you do not want an upset Manchester United at Old Trafford. Look for Daniel Gabbidon and the rest of the gang to have a nightmare of a Saturday afternoon. (VERDICT: BENCH)
  • Kyle Parker (Tottenham Hotspur) - HE DID WHAT? Inhaled nitrous oxide? Is he THAT worried about the possibility of defending Ozil? (VERDICT: BENCH)
  • Curtis Davies (Hull City) - I am a big fan of Davies and I am not entirely sure behind the reasoning. I just have a good feeling about him. Take that for what it is worth. (Actual worth = a tuppence) (VERDICT: PLAY)


  • Juan Mata (Chelsea) - What is going on with Juan Mata? Is he staying? Is he going? I have no advice about him this week but just thought I would at least mention him. He also becomes one of my favorite jokes when I have been drinking during a Chelsea match:

Chelsea Fan:  "JUAN MATA!"

Me:  "I don't know.  Juan Mata with you?"  (crickets)

  • Eden Hazard (Chelsea) - Speaking of Chelsea, Hazard is a man who seems to be in the middle of the action on every play for the Blues. (VERDICT: PLAY)
  • Charlie Adam (Stoke City) - The Scotsman has already scored one goal on eight shots this season. Look for him to have a few touches against Manchester City but ultimately failing to do much against City's defense. (VERDICT: BENCH)
  • Moussa Sissoko (Newcastle) - Another player that I am a fan of without reasoning. Look for Sissoko to score his first goal of the season this week against Aston Villa. (VERDICT: PLAY)

Tomorrow I will finish the week with forwards to have an eye on this week but first, are there any Stoke City fans out there?  None?  Okay, good.  I want to end by telling you what a genius idea my friend Charlie has when he does not feel like discussing the EPL with someone.  Anytime someone brings up the subject and asks him who is favorite team is, he simply responds, "Stoke."  He says it brings the conversation to a halt every single time.