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Fake Teams Podcast Episode 24: The Lost Podcast

Want to hear the best news and analysis ever on a Fake Teams Podcast? Well you can't because I screwed up.

Karen Luciano

Despite one of our usual hosts taking the night off, the podcast lives on with its usual energy and possibly a higher level of analysis than usual. With Zack out last night, Daniel Kelley and Ray Guilfoyle joined me to talk about starting pitchers, Wilmer Flores, and a possible Alex Rios trade.

Ok, so actually I screwed up (100% my fault) and I lost the last 2/3 of the podcast. So forever more, this will be known as the "lost show" or at least the "partially lost" show. Below you can listen to the part that I did capture, but trust me you missed a lot of great analysis from Ray and Daniel, and a couple decent cheap shots at Zack for missing the show. Luckily for all of you, what I lack in audio-recording I do make up for with a somewhat decent memory so I will try to transcribe a few of the better points on pitchers that you missed.

On this show we talked about (but you won't be able to hear):

  • Jered Weaver │ Both Daniel and Ray think Weaver is being undervalued by the FT staff, citing that he has always outperformed his peripherals and he's finally healthy.
  • Francisco Liriano │ Daniel, much like Brian Creagh, has been burned so many times by Liriano that he still can't jump on the bandwagon. Also, Liriano's increased slider usuge this year may make him at risk for an injury.
  • Matt Cain and Kris Medlen │ One of the things I really support about Daniel's rankings, even if I don't do it myself, is the fact that he doesn't let a few months of data sway his opinion from the rankings we did in the preseason. Cain and Medlen are both pitchers with track records of success, granted a longer one for Cain, but he is sticking by both of them.
  • Mike Minor │ All of us, myself included feel that stripping away Minor's name and simply evaluating the raw numbers makes him an easy top-20 pitcher. Kudos to Ray for the ranking at 13.
  • Matt Moore │ Ray thinks Moore is the next Clayton Kershaw, while Daniel is a bit more hesitant citing that Moore is only about a year younger than Kershaw right now. I'm in the middle of the two opinions.
  • Zack Smith │ Zack's rankings of David Price at 20, Hiroki Kuroda at 50, and C.C. Sabathia at 16 made all of us say, "huh?"
  • And much, much more!

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