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Injury Report: A light week, but some big names

There weren't as many injuries last week as some, but the guys who did get hurt were some important dudes. Hold your breath and read on.

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This is the injury report, which means no talk of some silly old steroid suspensions. Well, except for that sentence. And then that one. And then...

You know what? I'll fall down the rabbit hole. Here, just read Alex Kantecki's breakdown of how to handle the imminent (?) losses of your fantasy studs. I'll wait here, and we'll talk about the weekly owies.


Don't worry about me, my computer has Hearts on it. Seriously, I've played almost 1,400 games of Hearts; playing one more while you read Alex's excellent work won't be a big deal.


Okay, you back? Cool. Sorry you're apparently losing Cruz, Peralta, or Cabrera. Now, the injuries:

Hanley Ramirez, LAD

Hold your breath, Ray. Ramirez jammed his right shoulder tumbling into the stands during Sunday's game. Early word is that it's not dislocated, and he's slated to get the whole battery of tests Monday. Best guess right now is he's day-to-day and, considering the incredible production he's provided while healthy this year - .361 batting average with 11 home runs and 37 RBI in only 54 games - neither the Dodgers nor your fantasy team can well afford to miss him for long. Fingers crossed.

David Wright, NYM

There is now officially no reason to turn on a Mets game unless Matt Harvey (Who I just traded for! Squeeeee!) is pitching. Wright came up lame beating out an infield hit against the Royals Friday and was put on the DL Saturday with a hamstring strain, which he'd been battling for some time as it was. It looks like he'll be out at least three weeks or so, and it's not like there's any reason for the Mets to rush him back. On the plus(-ish) side, third base has actually turned out quasi-deep this year, as guys like Kyle Seager and Matt Carpenter have come on well, and even someone like Mike Moustakas has started to hit. Even if you have to end up with a Pablo Sandoval or a Chris Johnson or even a Mark Reynolds as your fill-in third baseman, it's not the end of the world. You aren't going to replace Wright's production, but it's not a game-ender.

Matt Moore, TBR

"Matt Moore is placed on the 15-day DL with elbow..." NOOOOOOO!!

Sorry, just summing up everyone's reactions. A 24-year-old pitcher hits the DL with elbow issues, we all hold our breath for a week. But the Rays have been saying that this is expected to be minor, that they're not concerned, that Moore will spend the downtime making muffins. All the right things. I guess I'll take them at their word and not panic too awfully much, but I know that a young guy with an elbow problem can often get worse before it gets better. Here's hoping he's fine.

Yadier Molina, SLC

I'd like to look smart and say I knew this was coming when I ranked Molina fourth in our midseason position rankings, but truth be told I just assumed his pace would slack off a bit. Anyway, Molina hit the DL with a sprained knee. As of Sunday, he's been exercising, but is not yet performing baseball activities. He's almost certainly still gone for two more weeks, if not more. Guys like A.J. Pierzynski, Russell Martin, and John Buck are your best bets in the interim, so...sorry.

Miguel Cabrera, DET

Cabrera has played sparingly the last couple weeks, with a variety of ailments keeping him off the field, and the Tigers' ridiculous hot streak keeping them from rushing him back. He pinch hit Sunday, and reports are he's basically okay despite an ab strain, so it sounds like it's basically a "hope he stays okay" situation. As is, the time he's missed and his general why-even-bother fielding have been enough to let Mike Trout jump him in fWAR, which means - you guessed it - we're staring down the barrel of an oh-so-fun rehash of last year's Trout-Cabrera MVP debate. Brace yourselves.

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