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Fake Teams Podcast Episode 29: Where Is Jesus Flores?

Hot off of my computer, it's the latest edition of the Fake Teams podcast!

Karen Luciano

Even though the baseball season is winding towards its end, the Fake Teams podcast is still in mid-season form, bringing you some great analysis and commentary. On today's show, Zack and I are joined by Daniel Kelley to talk about his bold predictions from the beginning of the year, as well as all the happenings around the league.

On this show we discuss:

  • Early 2014 ranks of Jose Fernandez, Yu Darvish, Mike Minor, and Max Scherzer
  • Injuries to Matt Cain, Brandon Beachy, and Matt Harvey
  • Recent callup Reymond Fuentes' value
  • Big Ervin Santana
  • And much, much more!

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The official band of the podcast, 20 Minute Tango, is back again so please check out more of their music, here.

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