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Injury Report: Hanley, CarGo, and my poor computer

In a light week of injuries, it's nagging ones to Hanley Ramirez and Carlos Gonzalez that are the biggest issues.

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The baseball gods were relatively kind to me (and, you know, players) this week, injury-wise. Somehow, they knew I was extra-busy this week and had less "track all the injuries" time, so they were nice enough not to wound a ridiculous number of players.

In fact, the biggest injury of the past week, as far as I'm concerned, is my computer. I don't know what has happened to the poor old girl (who is just over a year old, so "old" is kind of debatable), but her space bar and N key are both having trouble responding to my cues. If you listened to Friday's podcast, you probably noticed the spottiness of my audio connection and, as much as Andrew Ball says the problems were his fault, I can't help but wonder if my computer had a hand in it. Heck, I have literally gotten the Blue Screen Of Death six times in the past week.

I thought the Blue Screen Of Death meant, you know, death, but since I have been able to restart the computer every time it has happened, and the only lasting effect has been that I have to hit CTRL-S every ten seconds when I'mwriting, I guess it's more the Blue Screen Of Irritation And Inconvenience.

Anyway, I felt like rambling at the start of this. Now I've done that. So...ouchies!

Hanley Ramirez, LAD

Ramirez injured his right shoulder last Sunday, and hasn't started since, though he did appear as a pinch-hitter in Friday's game. That appearance means they won't be able to backdate any possible disabled-list stint, should one be required, but it's looking more and more like they'll just keep him active until he's ready to, you know, be active. Reports say he'll be sore but at full capabilities. Once he's playing full-time again, he's in your lineup. Don't get cute. There haven't been many better per-game contributors this year.

Carlos Gonzalez, COL

It took them long enough. Gonzalez was dealing with the sprained joint in his right middle finger for weeks, complaining that he had basically become a slap hitter in the process. Heck, it was why he missed the Home Run Derby. They gave up the ghost with him Wednesday, and now he's on the DL. He's taken several days in a row off a few different times, so who really knows if this will do the trick for him. If you own him, your fingers are crossed. Especially since he can't cross his own right now.

Desmond Jennings, TBD

The Rays placed Jennings on the DL Monday when they discovered he fractured his left middle finger sliding into second. That's generally a few-week injury, so I don't think Jennings can be counted on until September, give or take. Jason Bourgeois was called up to take Jennings' roster spot, and if you think you're going to pick up Bourgeois for help, you're either delusional or in the deepest league ever. Look elsewhere.

Howie Kendrick, LAA

Kendrick hit the DL Saturday, retroactive to Monday, as a result of a hyperextended left knee. It sounds like he'll be back near the end of the month. Kendrick, with a slash line of .302/.342/.439, has had a good season so far, so you'll want to sit tight with him on your DL or bench until his return. As for replacements that might be available...yeesh. Neil Walker is available in 58% of Yahoo leagues, Nick Franklin in 63%. Brett Lawrie has gotten second-base eligibility in some formats. Get creative.

Ryan Ludwick, CIN

Second game of the season, coming right up! Ludwick, who dislocated his shoulder on Opening Day, is due back from the DL Monday, with Derrick Robinson being sent down to make room. I'd be very hesitant to start him right off the bat, especially since you clearly haven't been relying on him all along, but if Ludwick's owner dumped him during the absence, he's a must-add, just in case he gets out there and starts hitting bombs.

Lorenzo Cain, KCR

Cain, who is looking more and more injury-prone as he goes along, landed back on the DL Saturday with a strained left oblique. His absence will mean more plate appearances for Jarrod Dyson, David Lough, and Justin Maxwell. None of the three is a shallow-league play, but you might be able to use those guys for a little bit of speed (Dyson), average (Lough), or maybe even power (Maxwell, with three homers since coming to Kansas City).

Derek Jeter, NYY

Jeter strained his calf, hitting the disabled list for the third time this season, and perhaps giving more credence to my "players aren't getting and staying healthy lately" idea from a few weeks ago. There's little reason to expect any kind of production from Jeter going forward. Stay away.

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