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Roto Roundup: Gio Gonzalez Torched, Trade Deadline Quieter Than Expected

Highlighting the most interesting tidbits from Wednesday's action, including notes on the relatively quiet trade deadline, Gio Gonzalez, Justin Verlander, and many more.

Leon Halip

On what turned out to be a relatively quiet trade deadline, let's take a look at what happened in Wednesday's action.

Gio Gonzalez Happy to Leave Motown, Torched to the Tune of 10 Earned

He'd been pitching pretty well this year, but you're going to have these starts from time to time. Gio Gonzalez got lit up by the Tigers yesterday, allowing 10 earned runs, 11 hits and a walk in just 3 1/3 innings en route to the loss. It's hopefully just a blip on his season, although it did raise his season ERA by over half a run. On the other side of the ball, Justin Verlander had his best start in a while, going 6 and allowing just 1 earned run. He struck out 6, but struggled with his command and walked 5 still. Until he shows otherwise, I really think Verlander has become a matchups play, as the command is just off right now and could really hurt your numbers on a bad day.

Trade Deadline Relatively Quiet, Moves Not Particularly Impactful for Fantasy

It seems that this year the trade deadline is a lot more about who didn't move than players that did. Cliff Lee, Giancarlo Stanton, even secondary players like Justin Morneau and Alex Rios, all started and ended their day with their respective teams.

The Orioles acquired Bud Norris in what seemed to be the biggest trade of the day, but him moving to Baltimore doesn't really seem like it will have a particularly large affect on his value for the rest of the year. Ian Kennedy going to San Diego does probably help his value, and potentially could open up a permanent spot in the rotation for Tyler Skaggs though.

In the trades yesterday, we didn't see any players switch leagues (unless you wanted Robert Andino or Drew Butera), but we could see more moves before the waiver trade deadline at the end of August, as players with high salaries are likely to be available during the month.

Other Notes:

Jason Castro hit his 13th home run of the season last night, a grand slam en route to an 11 to 0 drubbing of the Orioles. I was easily the highest of our rankers on Castro among catchers, and think he could still get another 7-10 home runs potentially before season's end.

Wade Miley made another great start against the Rays, going 6 1/3 innings, allowing 2 hits (although with 5 walks) and striking out 8 en route to a victory. The walks are a bit concerning, but as long as his WHIP is holding out alright, I'm probably taking my chances there.

Mike Minor just keeps on plugging away, throwing 7 shutout innings against the Rockies yesterday and striking out 6. His ERA is down to 2.75 on the year, to go with a 1.01 WHIP. Yup, that ranking is looking pretty stupid right about now from me.

Eric Hosmer looks like he may have finally put it together, as he's now up to .289 with 11 home runs and 8 stolen bases on the year. Seems like he'll be a nice post-hype sleeper possibility for the 2014 season.

Hiroki Kuroda matched up against Clayton Kershaw last night, throwing zero after zero the both of them. Kuroda went 7 shutout innings, while Kershaw finished with 8 of the same. Both had no decisions, but Kershaw struck out 5 while Kuroda had 8, and I'm wondering at this point if I was too low with my ranking Kuroda just outside the top 25.

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