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Roto Roundup: Busy Evening of Trades with Jake Peavy, Alberto Callaspo and Others on the Move

Highlighting the most interesting tidbits from Tuesday's action, including notes on the trades of Jake Peavy, Alberto Callaspo, as well as notes about Yovani Gallardo, Yadier Molina, and many more.

Jonathan Daniel

I left to go to dinner around 6 PM here on the West Coast, and I come back less than two hours later and everyone had been traded, so let's look at what happened, and what else happened during the games of the day. A bit of a shorter roundup this morning as I did not get back to it until later, so if you have a question about something feel free to post about it in the comments.

Jake Peavy to Red Sox, Avisail Garcia to White Sox, Jose Iglesias to Tigers

Well, it's definitely one of the more creative trades we've seen in a while. The Red Sox sent Iglesias to Detroit for Garcia, and then packaged him and three other low-level prospects to the White Sox for Peavy. Peavy should really solidify the Red Sox' rotation even further, although his fantasy value has probably not changed particularly.

For the Tigers. Iglesias is the short term answer at shortstop should Jhonny Peralta get suspended, and is the long-term answer when Peralta hits free agency next summer. Someone I follow on Twitter noted how much of a disparity there is between the potential future shortstop for the Tigers and the current third baseman on the defensive spectrum, which I thought was pretty funny to think about. This doesn't really change Iglesias value for the rest of the season, but he's a lock to be the starter at shortstop for the foreseeable future in Detroit.

The winner (at least in terms of fantasy value) is Garcia, who I think ends up as the starting right fielder in Chicago if (and when) Alex Rios is moved. Even if Rios can't be moved by lunchtime tomorrow due to leaving tonight's game due to injury, I think he could still pass through waivers and be moved in August.

Alberto Callaspo to Oakland, Grant Green to Anaheim

I knew that the A's had been hoping for an upgrade at second base, although I'm not sold this is a particularly huge one. I've never been the biggest fan of Grant Green, mainly because he's shown himself to this point as being best suited to be a designated hitter and never take to the field, but I could see this being a precursor to the Angels moving Howie Kendrick before tomorrow is over.

Green has value in leagues should he lock down a starting job, and i know that in Yahoo leagues he is actually listed as a shortstop rather than a second baseman, which helps slightly too. Callaspo is expected to be part of a platoon, so his value may actually be down a bit since he had been playing every day and could be in line for slightly less than before.

Could Yovani Gallardo Be Headed to the Disabled List?

Gallardo lasted just 4 and 2/3 innings yesterday against the Cubs, and exited due to a hamstring injury. He wasn't pitching particularly effectively when left (6 hits, 3 walks, 1 strikeout and 3 earned runs), and hasn't been of late either. At this point, it seems like having him go on the disabled list could be helpful to his owners, as he just hasn't been the pitcher he has shown in the past this year.

Yadier Molina Headed to the Disabled List As Well

The Cardinals placed Yadier Molina on the disabled list with a sprained knee yesterday, and it sounds like he could be ready to return after the minimum stay. Ton Cruz and Rob Johnson are expected to split the playing time, but honestly that's only relevant in the deepest of NL-only leagues. You can check out our consensus catcher rankings for the rest of the year here if you're in search for some level of replacement for Molina in the short term.

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