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Fake Teams Podcast Episode 21: What's Average Height?

What's Manny Machado's rest of the season value? How good are the prospects in recent Trades? Does Zack Smith really look like Nick Markakis? We answer these questions and more, on the latest edition of the Fake Teams podcast!

Karen Luciano

A little later than our normal Friday morning time slot, we bring you the 21st edition of the Fake Teams podcast. In addition to talking about the ROS third base rankings, we cover all of the latest breaking news concerning some recent trades and the Biogenesis scandal.

On this show we talk about:

  • Ryan Braun's suspension
  • Trades of Matt Garza and Francisco Rodriguez
  • Manny Machado, Kyle Seager, Josh Donaldson, and more third baseman
  • Zack's resemblance to Nick Markakis
  • And much, much more!

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