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Fake Teams Podcast Episode 7: Subliminal Messages

The 7th episode of the Fake Teams Podcast featuring thoughts on PED Gate, Hanley Ramirez, and more.

After rambling about prospects for a solid hour on the last show, Zack and I turn to rambling about Major League news (even if I did want to throw in draft news). And for better or worse, we are starting to get a little more comfortable and personal with you all.

On this episode we talk about:

  • The Biogenisis Scandal, or as we call it - PED-Gate
  • Yaisel Puig
  • Hanley Ramirez's return to the Dodgers
  • Josh Johnson, Hector Santiago, and Nate McClouth
  • Bryce Harper's value in a keeper league




Monday's show will feature Daniel Schwartz and we will be talking about the validity of some early surprises, so if you have questions regarding players off to cold or hot starts, make sure to get them to us for Sunday.

We have 20 Minute Tango back again, please check out more of their music, here.

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