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Injury Report: A week of question marks

A bunch of big names had varying degrees of ouchies this week, leaving you kind of stuck in terms of dump/keep. I wish you the best.

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"Yasiel" is spelled sort of like "Daniel," yeah? It's, like, 2/3 the same. I'm going to claim that "Yasiel" is the Cuban version of "Daniel," which means that my Cuban counterpart got called up yesterday! Yay me!

But yes, Yasiel Puig has been called up for the Dodgers, filling in for Matt Kemp while he's out with a hamstring strain. If you're reading this now, Puig has been picked up in your league. If you got him, good for you. I am not as high on Puig as many, but I don't have much basis for that opinion.

As for Kemp, if you own him, you're rather stuck. You're unlikely to get anything reasonable in trade, and there's no way he can be dropped. Sit back and hope he produces once he's healthy. I'm among you, and I'm terrified.

Also stuck are Bryce Harper owners. He told reporters Sunday that he should have gone on the DL a month ago, but tried to play through his ailments before finally officially going on the disabled list Saturday. They're giving his knee a break to try and recuperate. He's eligible to come off the DL next Tuesday, but I would be fairly surprised if it happens that quick. If he's out until July, I wouldn't be shocked.

While I'm on the Nationals, good luck with Stephen Strasburg. You have to run him out there any time Davey Johnson does, but his back injury seemed to me the type that might end up forcing a prolonged absence, maybe a DL stint.

Did you know that the blue jay is the most commonly injured bird? I can't imagine that's true, but it would certainly make sense in light of their baseball counterparts. This week, it was Brett Lawrie's and Brandon Morrow's turns to hit the DL, with a sprained ankle and a sore arm, respectively. Both have been woefully disappointing so far, so maybe this is a chance to sit back and recharge. They've fallen to only borderline ownable in shallow leagues, so if you're hurting for space, I wouldn't judge you for dumping either.

In reliever news, Rafael Betancourt, Huston Street, and Kyuji Fujikawa were all shut down last week. Fujikawa had long since lost the closer gig to Kevin Gregg anyway, but he's now out for the year after Tommy John surgery, so if you were sitting on him in case Gregg struggled, you can move on. Betancourt, with a groin injury, and Street, left calf, will have shorter stints. Rex Brothers is slated to get the Rockies' save opportunities, while Luke Gregerson is the guy in San Diego. I would wager that Street's job is safer in the long-term, if only for contract reasons. I wrote about Brothers a couple weeks ago, and I still think he's a better add than Gregerson going forward.

There were the usual suspects of guys who went on the DL last week who, if you've carried them while healthy, there's not much sense in carrying them now. Guys like Eric Chavez, Brandon McCarthy, A.J. Ellis, Justin Smoak. They've been varying degrees of fine, but their production is eminently replaceable. There's no reason to burn any kind of roster spot for them unless you're in a super-deep league. Drop them and move on.

Alexi Ogando is set to return from the DL Wednesday and start for the Rangers. I've said all along he probably wasn't worth burning a roster spot for while he was out, but if you've hung in this long, yay for you. Though, if you're in a quality start league, I will say that I wouldn't be surprised if Ogando's innings are limited. Tread lightly.

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