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Fake Teams Podcast Episode 13: We Can Handle The Truth

A new episode of the official Fake Teams Podcast, featuring injury updates, a would you rather with Leonys Martin, and some scouting talk.

Bored at work or in class on Friday? Well we've got the Fake Teams Podcast to save you this afternoon and bring you into the weekend! Zack and I catch you up on all the happenings around the league along with tackling some scouting terminology and plugging some stuff we've done lately.

On this show we discuss:

  • Michael Cuddyer vs. Albert Pujols
  • Injury updates on Bryce Harper, Dylan Bundy, and Brian Roberts
  • Skinny John Lackey
  • The red hot Jason Kipnis
  • Scouting Grades and how they work
  • And much, much, much more!

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