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2013 Prospect Rankings: The Midseason Top-100

Ranking the top young players left in the Minor Leagues.


With the first half of the Minor League season wrapped up, it seems like a perfect time to update our prospect rankings. Unfortunately, this time of year is quite busy for our prospect writers, so the top-100 list below is purely mine, not a consensus list. Well actually, I did talk to Jason, Craig, and Kevin a bit when constructing the list, but ultimately I made the final call when it came to ranking Player A over B. Quickly, though, before we jump into the list I just have a few notes about these ranks:

  • These rankings are for FANTASY baseball. Defense is considered in the scheme of how soon the prospect will reach the Majors, or what position they will play, but I am mostly ranking on offensive value only.
  • I excluded players currently in the Major Leagues, draft picks that have not yet signed, and one or two players that have had big league experience this year that I didn't see the value in ranking. If you have questions about where I would have ranked any of these players, I am more than happy to discuss them in the comments.
  • I tend to greatly value ceiling with fantasy prospects so this list skews a bit younger than I think a lot of the other lists out there.
  • The list has been built over the last few weeks and if I re-did it tomorrow I am sure it would like slightly different, but at the end of the day I had to put something down on paper. So in that vein, the players near the bottom of the list (bottom meaning towards 100) the ranks are much more fluid and interchangeable.
  • All 2013 statistics are as of the morning of 6/26.
  • I had two main reasons for putting this list together - to put together a master list of a bunch of the prospect profiles done over the past year, and to hopefully generate some conversation about prospects. So by all means if you agree, disagree, or just want to talk prospects please leave some thoughts in the comments.

And now (finally)with that, let's count it down from 100 to number 1:

1. Xander Bogaerts │ SS, Boston Red Sox

DOB: 10/01/1992 (Age-20 season)

2013 Statistics: 219 AB, .306/.403/.489, 6 HR, 5 SB (Portland, Double-A), 48 AB, .229/.302/.479, 4 HR, 1 SB (Pawtucket, Triple-A)

Three (Possibly) True Outcomes 6.12.2013

Coming Soon To A Stadium Near You 12.4.2012

Prospect Preview 7.12.2012

I ranked Bogaerts first entering the season (yes, ahead of Jurickson Profar) and he's done nothing to disappoint to this point, reaching Triple-A as a 20-year old and making more and more evaluators think he can stick at shortstop every day.

2. Byron Buxton │ OF, Minnesota Twins

DOB: 12/18/1993 (Age-19 season)

2013 Statistics: 270 AB, .341/.431/.559, 8 HR, 32 SB (Cedar Rapids, Lo-A), 5 AB, .200/.200/.200, 0 HR, 0 SB (Fort Myers, Hi-A)

Low Level Prospect Review 5.17.2013

Three (Possibly) True Outcomes 2.23.2013

Quotes Jason Parks gathered on Byron Buxton:

Buxton is the best player I have ever scouted in the minors..

He's Eric Davis with a better bat. It would be great for the game if Buxton becomes Buxton.

We have an internal comp to Mike Trout, but the tools might be even louder at full potential.

3. Miguel Sano │ 3B, Minnesota Twins

DOB: 05/11/1993 (Age-20 Season)

2013 Statistics: 206 AB, .330/.424/.655, 16 HR, 9 SB (Fort Myers, Hi-A), 40 AB, .150/.275/.350, 2 HR, 0 SB (New Britain, Double-A)

Prospect Preview 3.27.2012

Sano has two plus-plus tools, and they happen to be the two that are very important in fantasy baseball. His bat is real, and it's the best power bat in all of the Minor Leagues.

4. Taijuan Walker │ RHP, Seattle Mariners

DOB: 08/13/1992 (Age-20 season)

2013 Statistics: 2.46 ERA, 84.0 IP, 58 H, 30 BB, 96 K (Jackson, Double-A), 0.00 ERA, 6.0 IP, 3 H, 2 BB, 4 K (Tacoma, Triple-A)

Taijuan Walker: Is He The Best Pitching Prospect In Baseball? 5.10.2012

Often lost in the shuffle, Walker has had really good success while pitching as one of the youngest players in each league he's played in. Now on the brink of a Major League callup, Walker is the top pitching prospect in the game.

5. Carlos Correa │ SS, Houston Astros

DOB: 09/22/1994 (Age-18 season)

2013 Statistics: 235 AB, .319/.408/.443, 4 HR, 7 SB (Quad Cities, Lo-A)

Three (Possibly) True Outcomes 7.3.2013

Minor League Keeper Thoughts: Houston Astros 11.12.2012

Correa's numbers may look overly impressive until you remember he is just 18 playing in the notoriously pitcher-friendly Midwest League. The power will come as he matures, and when it does he will be a fantasy star, especially if he can stay in the middle of the diamond.

6. Archie Bradley │ RHP, Arizona Diamondbacks

DOB: 08/10/1992 (Age-20 season)

2013 Statistics: 1.26 ERA, 28.2 IP, 22 H, 10 BB, 43 K (Visalia, Hi-A), 2.29 ERA, 59.0 IP, 44 H, 27 BB, 60 K (Mobile, Double-A)

Prospect Profile 1.9.2013

Low Level Prospect Review: Who is Archie Bradley? 4.13.2012

Overshadowed in high school by Dylan Bundy, Bradley has arguably been the best pitcher in the Minor Leagues this year. He will need to cut down the walks, but few can match the raw stuff.

7. Javier Baez │ SS, Chicago Cubs

DOB: 12/01/1992 (Age-20 season)

2013 Statistics: 273 AB, .271/.332/.542, 16 HR, 8 SB (Daytona, Hi-A)

Prospect News 2.5.2013

Prospect Preview 7.17.2012

With his defensive woes and Starlin Castro's presence in Chicago, Baez may be headed for another position, but the power should play anywhere. This could be a .290 hitter with 30-25 home runs annually for a long time.

8. Oscar Taveras │ OF, St. Louis Cardinals

DOB: 06/19/1992 (Age-21 season)

2013 Statistics: 173 AB, .306/.341/.462, 5 HR, 4 SB (Memphis, Triple-A)

Waiting In The Wings 5.3.2012

Coming To A Stadium Near You 4.30.2012

Possibly the best pure bat in the Minor Leagues, Taveras has continued to rake as one of the youngest players in the PCL. His placement in the bottom half of the top-10 is more an indication of my feelings about the players above him than any doubts he'll be a star. He should force his way to St. Louis during the second half of the season, and has the look of a perennial all-star once there.

9. Addison Russell │ SS, Oakland Athletics

DOB: 01/23/1994 (Age-19 Season)

2013 Statistics: 251 AB, .259/.337/.498, 9 HR, 10 SB (Stockton, Hi-A)

Low Level Prospect Review 6.21.2013

Despite being selected 11th overall by the A's last June, Russell is already looking like the steal of the 2012 draft. Reviews have him sticking at shortstop and he has a middle of the order bat that projects to hit for average and power.

10. Robert Stephenson │ RHP, Cincinnati Reds

DOB: 02/24/1993 (Age-20 season)

2013 Statistics: 2.97 ERA, 66.2 IP, 52 H, 17 BB, 85 K (Dayton, Lo-A)

Three (Possibly) True Outcomes 4.17.2013

Most pre-season write-ups on Stephenson noted that he had a chance to jump up prospect lists in the future. Considering his performance and stuff he's showing in the Midwest League, that jump is now.

11. Jonathan Singleton │ 1B, Houston Astros

DOB: 09/18/1991 (Age-21 season)

2013 Statistics: 21 AB, .286/.400/.810, 3 HR, 0 SB (Quad Cities, Lo-A), 38 AB, .263/.396/.526, 2 HR, 0 SB (Corpus Christi, Double-A), 38 AB, .237/.396/.395, 1 HR, 0 SB (Oklahoma City, Triple-A)

Has Anything Changed? 6.24.2013

Coming Soon To A Stadium Near You 7.9.2012

After serving a 50 game suspension to start the season, Singleton has picked up right where he left off last season. As a first base prospect he needs to hit, and he should do so for a high average and solid power totals for years to come.

12. Dylan Bundy │ RHP, Baltimore Orioles

DOB: 11/15/1992 (Age-20 season)

2013 Statistics: N/A (injured)

Low Level Prospect Review 7.27.2012

Bundy entered the season as my number one pitching prospect, and his upcoming surgery doesn't drop him too much in my opinion. Plus, he may be good enough that even Baltimore can't screw up his development.

13. Jorge Soler │ OF, Chicago Cubs

DOB: 02/25/1992 (Age-21 season)

2013 Statistics: 210 AB, .281/.343/.467, 8 HR, 5 SB (Daytona, Hi-A)

Low Level Prospect Review 4.12.2013

When the Cubs signed Soler for $30 million, they did so because of his power potential that is arguably the best in the Minor Leagues. And remember, most evaluators ranked Soler ahead of fellow Cuban Yasiel Puig entering the season.

14. Nick Castellanos │ 3B/OF, Detroit Tigers

DOB: 03/04/1992 (Age-21 season)

2013 Statistics: 311 AB, .296/.375/.476, 10 HR, 3 SB (Toledo, Triple-A)

Has Anything Changed? 6.17.2013

Prospect Preview 5.29.2012

Low Level Prospect Review 5.4.2012

It may take a trade, but Castellanos should see the Major Leagues sometime this season either at third base or in the outfield. His hit tool should make him a fantasy asset regardless, but if he can start turning some of those doubles into home runs (like I think he can), he'll be a valuable commodity.

15. Jonathan Gray │ RHP, Colorado Rockies

DOB: 11/05/1991 (Age-21 season)

2013 Statistics: 1.64 ERA, 126.1 IP, 83 H, 24 BB, 147 K (NCAA)

MLB 2013 Draft Profile 3.28.2013

I had Gray slightly ahead of Mark Appel on my personal draft board, seeing the Oklahoma righty as a potential ace. Being picked by the Rockies is a drawback, but his total package should be enough to negate the Coors Field effect.

16. Jameson Taillon │ RHP, Pittsburgh Pirates

DOB: 11/18/1991 (Age-21 season)

2013 Statistics: 3.40 ERA, 76.2 IP, 75 H, 31 H, 80 K (Altoona, Double-A)

Low Level Prospect Review 7.13.2013

Taillon's strong performance against Team USA in the WBC gave us a small preview of how dominating he can be against upper-tier competition. His fastball/breaking ball combo ranks among the best in the game.

17. Gary Sanchez │ C, New York Yankees

DOB: 12/02/1992 (Age-20 season)

2013 Statistics: 251 AB, .275/.338/.490, 12 HR, 1 SB (Tampa, Hi-A)

Low Level Prospect Review 7.26.2013

Minor League Keeper Thoughts: New York Yankees 12.3.2012

While he may have some question marks on the defensive side of the ball, Sanchez can really hit and do so for power. I'd bet he stays behind the plate, and that bat will make him one of the most coveted fantasy backstops.

18. Christian Yelich │ OF, Miami Marlins

DOB: 12/05/1991 (Age-21 season)

2013 Statistics: 164 AB, .262/.342/.518, 6 HR, 4 SB

Has Anything Changed? 5.20.2013

Low Level Prospect Review 8.3.2012

Yelich may have the best pure bat in the Minors and his game really reminds me of Orioles' OF Nick Markakis. While I'm not sure he'll ever be an elite producer in any category, he should be solid across the board.

19. George Springer │ OF, Houston Astros

DOB: 09/19/1989 (Age-23 season)

2013 Statistics: 273 AB, .297/.399/.579, 19 HR, 23 SB (Corpus Christi, Double-A)

Waiting In The Wings 5.17.2013

With 254 punchouts in 209 career games, it's safe to say Springer will have his share of whiffs in the big leagues. Making as much hard contact as possible will be the key to success for the former UConn standout.

20. Gregory Polanco │ OF, Pittsburgh Pirates

DOB: 09/14/1991 (Age-21 season)

2013 Statistics: 218 AB, .312/.364/.472, 6 HR, 24 SB (Bradenton, Hi-A), 32 AB, .313/.371/.500, 1 HR, 2 SB (Altoona, Double-A)

Waiting In The Wings 7.4.2013

Low Level Prospect Review 5.31.2013

Power to hit 20+ home runs and the speed to swipe 40+ bases with a solid hit tool. Polanco is a strong candidate for the offseason top-10.

21. Noah Syndergaard │ RHP, New York Mets

DOB: 08/29/1992 (Age-20 season)

2013 Statistics: 3.11 ERA, 63.2 IP, 61 H, 16 BB, 64 K (Hi-A), 3.00 ERA, 6.0 IP, 5 H, 1 BB, 7 K (Binghamton, Double-A)

Coming Soon To A Stadium Near You 7.1.2013

Minor League Keeper Thoughts: Traded Prospects 1.7.2013

With a 70 grade fastball and solid command, Syndergaard may very well join Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler to form a tremendous trio atop the Mets rotation. And eventually, we may remember him as the key to the R.A. Dickey trade.

22. Mark Appel │ RHP, Houston Astros

DOB: 07/15/1991 (Age-21 season)

2013 Statistics: 2.12 ERA, 106.1 IP, 80 H, 23 BB, 130 K (NCAA)

2013 Draft Notables 6.8.2013

The top pick in the draft was a little too hittable during college given the quality of his stuff. On the plus side, Justin Verlander had the same knock on him entering pro ball.

23. David Dahl │ OF, Colorado Rockies

DOB: 04/01/1994 (Age-19 season)

2013 Statistics: 40 AB, .275/.310/.425, 0 HR, 2 SB

Prospect Profile 12.18.2012

Given the small sample of games he's played this year, this ranking reflects his performance last season and all the great things said about him the offseason. Everything off the field I attribute to being 19-years-old and I believe Dahl will have a big second half of the season.

24. Carlos Martinez │ RHP, St. Louis Cardinals

DOB: 09/21/1991 (Age-21 season)

2013 Statistics: 2.31 ERA, 11.2 IP, 11 H, 1 BB, 9 K (Springfield, Double-A), 1.82 ERA, 29.2 IP, 25 H, 9 BB, 29 K (Memphis, Triple-A), 4.50 ERA, 8.0 IP, 8 H, 3 BB, 9 K (St. Louis, MLB)

Prospect Profile 1.8.2013

I have openly admitted I have an affinity for velocity, especially from small pitchers, and Martinez fits that package (see what I did there?). Although some see him as a big league reliever, I think given the chance to start he can be a number 2 starter with good strikeout totals.

25. Maikel Franco │ 3B, Philadelphia Phillies

DOB: 08/26/1992 (Age-20 Season)

2013 Statistics: 264 AB, .299/.349/.576, 16 HR, 0 SB (Clearwater, Hi-A), 21 AB, .524/.545/.952, 2 HR, 0 SB (Reading, Double-A).

Low Level Prospect Review 6.19.2013

Starting around the All-Star break last season, Maikel Franco began a hot streak that has continued for a basically a full season now. While ranking him as a top-25 prospect may seem aggressive, as a solid average, plus power third baseman who is in Double-A at 20 years old he might actually be ranked too low.

26. Lucas Giolito │ RHP, Washington Nationals

DOB: 07/14/1994 (Age-18 season)

2013 Statistics: None (injured)

Low Level Prospect Review 7.12.2013

Prospect Preview: 2012 Draft SP Edition 6.21.2012

In the preseason, just 7 pitchers were called future Number 1 starters by both Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus: Gerrit Cole, Zack Wheeler, Dylan Bundy, Jose Fernandez, Shelby Miller, Taijuan Walker, and Giolito.

27. Max Fried │ LHP, San Diego Padres

DOB: 01/18/1994 (Age-19 season)

2013 Statistics: 4.07 ERA, 59.2 IP, 54 H, 32 BB, 55 K ( Fort Wayne, Lo-A)

Minor League Keeper Thoughts: San Diego Padres 12.22.2012

Still filling out into his frame, Fried is a pitcher who could really jump up this list next year with a strong second half.

28. Kohl Stewart │ RHP, Minnesota Twins

DOB: 10/07/1994 (Age-18 season)

2013 Statistics: 0.18 ERA, 40 IP, 13 H, 16 BB, 59 K (High School)

2013 Draft Notables 6.7.2013

Though Mark Appel and Jonathan Gray were widely considered the top two talents in this year's draft, some scouts actually felt Stewart's repertoire is just as good and that the former quarterback is a better athlete, giving him the highest ceiling among the trio.

29. Yordano Ventura │ RHP, Kansas City Royals

DOB: 06/03/1991 (Age-22 season)

2013 Statistics: 2.34 ERA, 57.2 IP, 39 H, 20 BB, 74 K (NW Arkansas, Double-A), 5.49 ERA, 19.2 IP, 20 H, 10 BB, 18 K (Omaha, Triple-A)

Three (Possibly) True Outcomes 3.16.2013

Prospect Preview 6.27.2012

Another hard throwing yet diminutive righty, Ventura has consistently put up fantastic strikeout totals throughout his career. With a few adjustments at Triple-A, he could be in the big leagues in short order with a chance to be a number 2 or number 3 starter.

30. Raul Adalberto Mondesi │ SS, Kansas City Royals

DOB: 07/27/1995 (Age-17 season)

2013 Statistics: 257 AB, .257/.295/.377, 4 HR, 12 SB (Lexington, Lo-A)

Low Level Prospect Review 4.5.2013

With a 17-year-old playing in full-season ball, reports are much more important than results. And the reports are glowing regarding the young shortstop. Even if he spends a full-season at each level, Mondesi would still reach the Majors at 21, giving this future star plenty of time for development.

31. Corey Seager │ SS, Los Angeles Dodgers

DOB: 04/27/1994 (Age-19 season)

2013 Statistics: 155 AB, .297/.357/.510, 7 HR, 7 SB (Great Lakes, Lo-A)

Prospect Preview 6.25.2013

Seager, the younger brother of Mariners' 3B Kyle, is a player I was far too low on entering the season. He will probably outgrow shortstop, but it looks like the bat will carry him even at a corner spot.

32. Albert Almora │ OF, Chicago Cubs

DOB: 04/16/1994 (Age-19 season)

2013 Statistics: 113 AB, .363/.388/.522, 2 HR, 3 SB

Prospect News 3.15.2013

Minor League Keeper Thoughts 11.1.2012

Though much of his prospect value is tied to his defense in centerfield, Almora should hit for a solid to high average with double digit numbers in home runs and stolen bases.

33. Clint Frazier │ OF, Cleveland Indians

DOB: 09/06/1994 (Age-18 season)

2013 Statistics: 5 AB, .400/.400/.1000, 1 HR, 0 SB (Indians, Rookie)

2013 MLB Draft Notables 6.8.2013

Compared to Dustin Pedroia because of his small stature and aggressive approach, Frazier has elite bat speed that generates a ton of power despite his frame. Like many power prospects though, his potential will rest on his ability to make contact.

34. Julio Urias │ LHP, Los Angeles Dodgers

DOB: 08/12/1996 (Age-16 season)

2013 Statistics: 3.74 ERA, 21.2 IP, 22 H, 10 BB, 23 K

Prospect Preview 5.28.2013

A sixteen year-old holding his own in a full season league? I dare say that's reason for excitement. The range of outcomes is enormous due to his age, but right now he deserves to be talked about among the top pitching prospects in the game.

35. Garin Cecchini │ 3B, Boston Red Sox

DOB: 04/20/1991 (Age-22 season)

2013 Statistics: 214 AB, .355/.473/.551, 5 HR, 15 SB (Salem, Hi-A), 16 AB, .313/.421/.375, 0 HR, 0 SB (Portland, Double-A)

Prospect Preview 6.5.2012

Another prospect that doesn't fit the prototype for his position, Cecchini has hit at every minor league stop so far and should continue to do so as he works his way up the ladder. If all falls right, he and Xander Bogaerts can form a solid left side of the infield for Boston for years to come.

36. Taylor Guerrieri │ RHP, Tampa Bay Rays

DOB: 12/01/1992 (Age-20 season)

2013 Statistics: 2.29 ERA, 59.0 IP, 47 H, 11 BB, 47 K (Bowling Green, Lo-A)

Prospect Preview 8.24.2012

While his control has been impeccable so far, it's the improvement of his command that will lead to more strikeouts and in turn more fantasy value.

37. Eddie Rosario │ 2B, Minnesota Twins

DOB: 09/28/1991 (Age-21 season)

2013 Statistics: 207 AB, .329/.377/.527, 6 HR, 3 SB (Fort Myers, Hi-A), 45 AB, .289/.360/.378, 0 HR, 1 SB (New Britain, Double-A)

Prospect Report 11.27.2012

If he can stay at 2B, and there is some doubt, Rosario will almost immediately become one of the top fantasy options at the position. Other than swiping bases, his game features everything you'd look for from a fantasy middle infielder.

38. Jesse Biddle │ LHP, Philadelphia Phillies

DOB: 10/21/1991 (Age-21 season)

2013 Statistics: 3.29 ERA, 79.1 IP, 53 H, 42 BB, 91 K (Reading, Double-A)

Three (Possibly) True Outcomes 5.1.2013

More of a mid-rotation starter than an ace, Biddle offers one of the higher floors among our top-50 prospects. He also is close to the Majors, possibly seeing a callup later this season.

39. Aaron Sanchez │ RHP, Toronto Blue Jays

DOB: 07/01/1992 (Age-20 season)

2013 Statistics: 2.96 ERA, 45.2 IP, 26 H, 16 BB, 40 K (Dunedin, Hi-A)

What Has Changed? 4.20.2013

I read about the electric arm, I see the strikeout totals, and still I just don't feel excited about Aaron Sanchez. Maybe it's the walks, maybe it's something else, but there's something about him that makes me feel like he'll fall a bit short of his ceiling.

40. Jorge Alfaro │ C, Texas Rangers

DOB: 06/11/1993 (Age-20 season)

2013 Statistics: 257 AB, .261/.332/.444, 10 HR, 9 SB (Hickory, Lo-A)

Three (Possibly) True Outcomes 7.24.2013

Minor League Keeper Thoughts: Texas Rangers 12.31.2012

Ahh, Jorge Alfaro, the very definition of a "tool shed". Unlike many catching prospects, Alfaro shows no signs of moving out from behind the plate and he has the potential offensive profile of a top catcher.

41. Alen Hanson │ SS, Pittsburgh Pirates

DOB: 10/22/1992 (Age-20 season)

2013 Statistics: 276 AB, .293/.353/.446, 5 HR, 20 SB (Bradenton, Hi-A)

Has Anything Changed? 6.3.2013

Prospect Profile 12.4.2012

A breakout prospect last season, Hanson has continued to produce even in the pitcher-friendly Florida State League. Love the bat, and I love the fact that he projects to be able to stay in the middle of the infield.

42. Danny Hultzen │ LHP, Seattle Mariners

DOB: 11/28/1989 (Age-23 season)

2013 Statistics: 2.78 ERA, 22.2 IP, 17 H, 6 BB, 25 K (Tacoma, Triple-A)

Coming Soon To A Stadium Near You 7.2.2012

A polished pitcher coming out of the University of Virginia, Hultzen is a safe, steady, option that should be in the Majors in short order. And don't think "safe" is a four letter word because the kid can really pitch.

43. Joey Gallo │ 3B, Texas Rangers

DOB: 11/19/1993 (Age-19 season)

2013 Statistics: 275 AB, 240/.333/.564, 23 HR, 8 SB (Hickory, Lo-A)

Low Level Prospect Review 6.14.2013

Most likely player on the list to hit 50 home runs in a season? Joey Gallo. Most likely player to strikeout 300 times in a season on the list? Also, Joey Gallo.

44. Henry Owens │ LHP, Boston Red Sox

DOB: 07/21/1992 (Age-20 season)

2013 Statistics: 2.74 ERA, 72.1 IP, 50 H, 29 BB, 86 K (Salem, Hi-A)

Minor League Keeper Thoughts: Boston Red Sox 3.4.2012

Long a favorite of mine, Owens utilizes great length and deception from the left-side to miss bats at an outstanding rate. He has the highest ceiling of any of Boston's pitching prospects.

45. Tyler Glasnow │ RHP, Pittsburgh Pirates

DOB: 08/23/1993 (Age-19 season)

2013 Statistics: 2.60 ERA, 62.1 IP, 33 H, 37 BB, 95 K (West Virginia, Lo-A)

Prospect Profile 5.14.2013

Just a dream entering the season, Glasnow is finally looking comfortable in his 6'7" frame. Armed with a big fastball and some intriguing secondary stuff, Glasnow may turn out to be the best of the Pirates' young pitchers.

46. Francisco Lindor │ SS, Cleveland Indians

DOB: 11/14/1993 (Age-19 season)

2013 Statistics: 270 AB, .307/.377/.411, 1 HR, 18 SB (Carolina, Hi-A)

Low Level Prospect Review 6.29.2012

More known for his glove than his bat, Lindor will definitely play shortstop in the Major Leagues and play it very well. He's no slouch with the bat, however, hitting for solid averages while being among the youngest players at each of his levels. Expect a solid average, 10-12 home runs, and good steals totals with a chance for even more than that.

47. Josh Bell │ OF, Pittsburgh Pirates

DOB: 08/14/1992 (Age-20 season)

2013 Statistics: 273 AB, .289/.354/.469, 8 HR, 1 SB (West Virginia, Lo-A)

Low Level Prospect Review 4.19.2013

When Pittsburgh signed Bell away from a Texas commitment with a $5 million bonus, it was solely based on his bat. After a season lost to injury last year, Bell is displaying the same swing that made him such a desirable commodity.

48. Luiz Gohara │ LHP, Seattle Mariners

DOB: 07/31/1996 (Age-16 season)

2013 Statistics: 2.25 ERA, 4.0 IP, 6 H, 0 BB, 5 K (Pulaski, Rookie)

Minor League Keeper Thoughts: Seattle Mariners 12.13.2012

Really young, and not pitching in full season ball like Urias. However, he has frontline potential and I think he jumps onto more conventional top-100 lists this offseason, with a big jump coming next year.

49. Kyle Zimmer │ RHP, Kansas City Royals

DOB: 09/13/1991 (Age-21 season)

2013 Statistics: 5.96 ERA, 64.2 IP, 65 H, 28 BB, 77 K (Wilmington, Hi-A)

Minor League Keeper Thoughts: Kansas City Royals 11.17.2012

Possibly the best pitcher in last year's draft, Zimmer has started slowly after offseason elbow surgery. But the K's are there, and he has two plus offerings (the fastball and the breaking pitch) with a changeup that he just began throwing in pro ball.

50. Blake Swihart │ C, Boston Red Sox

DOB: 04/03/1992 (Age-21 season)

2013 Statistics: 193 AB, .285/.368/.446, 2 HR, 6 SB (Salem, Hi-A)

Minor League Keeper Thoughts: Boston Red Sox 3.4.2012

Even if he can't continue to catch, Swihart still will be a productive hitter in the outfield or at a corner infield spot.

51. Matt Barnes │ RHP, Boston Red Sox

DOB: 06/17/1990 (Age-23 season)

2013 Statistics: 5.03 ERA, 62.2 IP, 68 H, 23 BB, 78 K (Portland, Double-A)

Low Level Prospect Review 5.11.2012

Unfortunately Barnes has not matched the video game-like numbers from last season, but he's still getting a lot of swings and misses in the Eastern League. A bulldog on the mound, Barnes can develop into a number-3 starter.

52. Jose Berrios │ RHP, Minnesota Twins

DOB: 05/27/1994 (Age-19 season)

2013 Statistics: 3.17 ERA, 48.1 IP, 50 H, 15 BB, 56 K (Cedar Rapids, Lo-A)

Minor League Keeper Thoughts: Minnesota Twins 11.29.2012

Berrios has good velocity, sitting in the low to mid 90's and touching higher than that, and surprisingly for a high school pick he also has really strong feel for his changeup already. If his slider, which shows glimpses of being another above average offering, can come around he can settle in as a number 2 or number 3 starter.

53. Trey Ball │ LHP, Boston Red Sox

DOB: 06/27/1994 (Age-19 season)

2013 Statistics: 0.88 ERA, 24.0 IP, 11 H, 6 BB, 53 K (High School)

2013 Draft Notables 6.7.2013

A two-way player in high-school, Ball's FB/CB mix and solid delivery make him another solid pitching prospect in Boston's system. Plus he has a pretty great last name.

54. Rafael De Paula │ RHP, New York Yankees

DOB: 03/24/1991 (Age-22 season)

2013 Statistics: 2.94 ERA, 64.1 IP, 43 H, 23 BB, 96 K (Charleston, Lo-A), 0.00 ERA, 5.0 IP, 3 H, 1 BB, 6 K (Tampa, Hi-A)

Minor League Keeper Thoughts: New York Yankees 12.3.2012

Is De Paula a bit older than the other top prospects who started the season in Low-A. Absolutely. But he's dominated and his stuff gives him front of the rotation potential.

55. Jake Marisnick │ OF, Miami Marlins

DOB: 03/30/1991 (Age-22 season)

2013 Statistics: 181 AB, .287/.351/.519, 9 HR, 10 SB (Jacksonville, Double-A)

Minor League Keeper Thoughts: Miami Marlins 11.22.2012

Marisnick is probably either too high or too low. When you watch him hit, the swing isn't fluid or pretty, yet he continues to get results and he has a great approach at the plate. He has the tools to be a 20-20 player in the big leagues and he should move quickly in Miami.

56. Alex Meyer │ RHP, Minnesota Twins

DOB: 01/03/1990 (Age-23 season)

2013 Statistics: 3.69 ERA, 61.0 IP, 53 H, 27 BB, 73 K (New Britain, Double-A)

Prospect Preview 8.14.2012

Meyer took a little extra time to develop because repeating a delivery when you're 6'9" is no easy task. Now grown into his body, Meyer is looking much more like he can stick as a starter than early in his career.

57. Lance McCullers │ RHP, Houston Astros

DOB: 10/02/1993 (Age-19 season)

2013 Statistics: 1.92 ERA, 65.2 IP, 49 H, 28 BB, 75 K (Quad Cities, Lo-A)

Minor League Keeper Thoughts: Houston Astros 11.12.2012

McCullers could rank higher on the list, but the consensus seems to have him moving to the bullpen at some point, which limits his value from a fantasy perspective.

58. Lucas Sims │ RHP, Atlanta Braves

DOB: 05/10/1994 (Age-19 season)

2013 Statistics: 2.98 ERA, 51.1 IP, 37 H, 18 BB, 60 K (Rome, Lo-A)

Prospect Preview 6.4.2013

An high school SS, Sims is an excellent athlete that generates good velocity with a free and easy arm swing. His slider is ahead of his changeup, but both pitches should get better as he repeats his delivery more frequently and gets repetition.

59. Andrew Heaney │ LHP, Miami Marlins

DOB: 06/05/1991 (Age-22 season)

2013 Statistics: 1.19 ERA, 30.1 IP, 23 H, 10 BB, 36 K (Jupiter, Hi-A)

Low Level Prospect Review 2.27.2013

One of the safest players on the list, Heaney's ceiling and floor are rather close to each other. He has three average to above-average offerings and should settle in as a mid-rotation starter behind Jose Fernandez.

60. Renato Nunez │ 3B, Oakland Athletics

DOB: 04/04/1994 (Age-19 season)

2013 Statistics: 274 AB, .281/.325/.485, 13 HR, 0 SB (Beloit, Lo-A)

Low Level Prospect Review 6.28.2013

Minor League Keeper Thoughts: Oakland Athletics 12.6.2012

The fourth largest July 2 signing ever, Nunez has a ton of raw power with the rest of his skills still developing. He may end up at 1B eventually, but with power down around the Minors, Nunez is a premium talent right now.

61. Mike Foltynewicz │ RHP, Houston Astros

DOB: 10/07/1991 (Age-21 season)

2013 Statistics: 4.50 ERA, 26.0 IP, 31 H, 14 BB, 29 K (Lancaster, Hi-A), 1.88 ERA, 48.0 IP, 32 H, 23 BB, 49 K (Corpus Christi, Double-A)

Minor League Keeper Thoughts: Houston Astros 11.12.2012

The easiest velocity in the Minors? This guy right here. He effortlessly gets his fastball up in the triple digits and he holds it deep into games. If the secondary stuff doesn't ever match up, he can also develop into a premier bullpen arm, possibly alongside system-mate Lance McCullers.

62. Nick Williams │ OF, Texas Rangers

DOB: 09/08/1993 (Age-19 season)

2013 Statistics: 194 AB, .294/.325/.624, 14 HR, 3 SB (Hickory, Lo-A)

Prospect Profile 4.30.2013

Possibly the least well known of the prospects on the incredible HIckory roster this year, Williams just might have the highest ceiling. Just like many of Texas' young players, Williams is quite raw, yet his approach and pitch recognition are already pretty strong for a 19-year old, especially one with his power and speed combination.

63. Austin Wilson │ OF, Seattle Mariners

DOB: 02/07/1992 (Age-21 season)

2013 Statistics: 118 AB, .288/.387/.475, 5 HR, 5 SB (NCAA), 10 AB, .100/.250/.100, 0 HR, 0 SB (Everett, Short Season)

2013 Draft Notables 6.8.2013

Looking at his collegiate numbers won't do Austin Wilson any justice, as Stanford has been known to teach some questionable swing mechanics. Now released from that staff, I'm excited to see what he can do.

64. Hunter Dozier │ SS, Kansas City Royals

DOB: 08/22/1991 (Age-21 season)

2013 Statistics: 25 AB, .200/.355/.240, 0 HR, 1 SB (Idaho Falls, Rookie)

65. Matt Davidson │ 3B, Arizona Diamondbacks

DOB: 03/26/1991 (Age-22 season)

2013 Statistics: 282 AB, .301/.358/.496, 10 HR, 1 SB (Reno, Triple-A)

Matt Davidson: Potential Trade Candidate? 2.13.2013

Davidson doesn't get a lot of prospect love, but he really should. He can hit for average and power, and he'll soon be ready for the big leagues. The biggest obstacle right now is how he fits with the Diamondbacks' roster, a problem that will work itself out if he lives up to his promise.

66. Travis d'Arnaud │ C, New York Mets

DOB: 02/10/1989 (Age-24 season)

2013 Statistics: 36 AB, .250/.429/.472, 1 HR, 0 SB (Las Vegas, Triple-A

Waiting in the Wings 5.31.2012

d'Arnaud has the talent to rank much higher on this list, but given his inability to stay on the field he really should be much lower. Essentially this is splitting the difference.

67. Joe Ross │ RHP, San Diego Padres

DOB: 05/21/1993 (Age-20 season)

2013 Statistics: 3.24 ERA, 72.1 IP, 65 H, 19 BB, 56 K (Fort Wayne, Lo-A)

Prospect Profile 3.12.2013

The younger brother of Tyson Ross, Joe has ace-level stuff that should miss more bats than he currently does. Regardless he's athletic with a solid delivery, and he should develop into a quality starter even if the K's don't show up.

68. Eddie Butler │ RHP, Colorado Rockies

DOB: 03/13/1991 (Age-22 season)

2013 Statistics: 1.66 ERA, 54.1 IP, 25 H, 25 BB, 51 K (Asheville, Low-A), 3.18 ERA, 34.0 IP, 30 H, 9 BB, 34 K (Modesto, Hi-A)

Low Level Prospect Review 5.24.2013

The reports remind me of Robert Stephenson - albeit with a slightly lower ceiling due to his age. I could see him in the big leagues next year though, and with Gray, Colorado has two arms to be very excited about.

69. Dorssys Paulino │ SS, Cleveland Indians

DOB: 11/21/1994 (Age-18 season)

2013 Statistics: 243 AB, .226/.273/.321, 2 HR, 7 SB (Lake County, Lo-A)

Minor League Keeper Thoughts 11.10.2012

70. Billy Hamilton │ OF, Cincinnati Reds

DOB: 09/09/1990 (Age-22 season)

2013 Statistics: 308 AB, .247/.302/.344, 5 HR, 49 SB (Louisville, Triple-A)

Waiting in the Wings 6.27.2013

Has Anything Changed? 4.1.2013

Prospect Preview 6.12.2012

Hamilton could single-handedly win the steals category for fantasy owners if he gets on base enough to run. I have my doubts that he will.

71. Kyle Crick │ RHP, San Francisco Giants

DOB: 11/30/1992 (Age-20 season)

2013 Statistics: 0.66 ERA, 13.2 IP, 12 H, 12 BB, 22 K (San Jose, Hi-A)

Minor League Keeper Thoughts: San Francisco Giants 12.24.2012

Crick has the talent and the stuff to rank much higher on the offseason list. So why's he at number 71? The health, the walks, and just the fact that there are a ton of high ceiling arms in the Minor Leagues right now.

72. Nomar Mazara │ OF, Texas Rangers

DOB: 04/26/1995 (Age-18 season)

2013 Statistics: 252 AB, .246/.330/.397, 7 HR, 0 SB (Hickory, Lo-A)

Minor League Keeper Thoughts: Texas Rangers 12.31.2012

73. Courtney Hawkins │ OF, Chicago White Sox

DOB: 11/12/1993 (Age-19 season)

2013 Statistics: 163 AB, .184/.249/.491, 14 HR, 5 SB

Three (Possibly) True Outcomes 5.15.2013

Actually, maybe this is the hitter most likely to strikeout 300 times in a season on the list.

74. Hunter Harvey │ RHP, Baltimore Orioles

DOB: 12/09/1994 (Age-18 season)

2013 Statistics: 0.38 ERA, 54.2 IP, 116 K (High School)

2013 MLB Draft Notables 6.8.2013

75. Miguel Almonte │ RHP, Kansas City Royals

DOB: 04/04/1993 (Age-20 season)

2013 Statistics: 3.05 ERA, 73.2 IP, 66 H, 26 BB, 77 K (Lexington, Lo-A)

Low Level Prospect Review 6.29.2013

Minor League Keeper Thoughts: Kansas City Royals 11.17.2012

Almonte has outstanding fastball command for his age and a developing changeup. If the breaking ball develops as many think it will, he will be one of the better arms in the Minors in short time.

76. Ronald Guzman │ 1B, Texas Rangers

DOB: 10/20/1994 (Age-18 season)

2013 Statistics: 69 AB, .333/.361/.464, 2 HR, 0 SB (Hickory, Lo-A)

Minor League Keeper Thoughts: Texas Rangers 12.31.2012

77. Billy McKinney │ OF, Oakland Athletics

DOB: 08/23/1994 (Age-18 season)

2013 Statistics: 23 AB, .304/.360/.348, 0 HR, 0 SB

2013 MLB Draft Notables 6.8.2013

The sweetest swing in the draft this year, McKinney looks like a future number 3 hitter with power as he matures.

78. Jesse Winker │ OF, Cincinnati Reds

DOB: 08/17/1993 (Age-19 season)

2013 Statistics: 239 AB, .293/.394/.485, 9 HR, 4 SB (Dayton, Lo-A)

Minor League Keeper Thoughts: Cincinnati Reds 11.5.2012

79. Braden Shipley │ RHP, Arizona Diamondbacks

DOB: 02/22/1992 (Age-21 season)

2013 Statistics: 2.77 ERA, 107.1 IP, 84 H, 34 BB, 102 K (NCAA)

2013 MLB Draft Notables 6.8.2013

Shipley adds another frontline starter to the Diamondbacks deep crop. His fastball won't overpower, but he had the best changeup in the draft, and a chance for three above average offerings in all.

80. Alex Gonzalez │ RHP, Texas Rangers

DOB: 01/15/1992 (Age-21 season)

2013 Statistics: 1.83 ERA, 113.1 IP, 83 H, 27 BB, 126 K (NCAA), 6.35 ERA, 5.2 IP, 11 H, 2 BB, 4 K (Spokane, Short Season)

2013 MLB Draft Notables 6.8.2013

81. Mike Olt │ 3B, Texas Rangers

DOB: 08/27/1988 (Age-24 season)

2013 Statistics: 161 AB, .205/.303/.410, 8 HR, 0 SB (Round Rock, Triple-A)

Coming Soon To A Stadium Near You 7.16.2012

I was never a huge Olt supporter to begin with, and his extended struggles with breaking pitches is a real concern. On a team that has Major League corner options (Beltre, Moreland) and some low-level prospects (Gallo, Guzman), Olt may have to find a new organization unless he can turn it around quickly.

82. Roberto Osuna │ RHP, Toronto Blue Jays

DOB: 02/07/1995 (Age-18 season)

2013 Statistics: 3.72 ERA, 36.1 IP, 24 H, 9 BB, 45 K (Lansing, Lo-A)

Low Level Prospect Review 7.5.2013

Minor League Keeper Thoughts: Toronto Blue Jays 1.3.2013

Despite age, Osuna is very physically mature and doesn't project to develop much more. Still, his 3 pitch mix should make him a quality number 3 that can miss some bats at the highest level.

83. Bubba Starling │ OF, Kansas City Royals

DOB: 08/03/1992 (Age-20 season)

2013 Statistics: 240 AB, .217/.300/.363, 7 HR, 9 SB (Lexington, Lo-A)

Minor League Keeper Thoughts: Kansas City Royals 11.17.2012

This ranking is all on his ceiling because Starling is a dream that probably will never come true.Still, those tools belong on any ranking and he's still raw enough and talented enough to figure it out.

84. Roman Quinn │ SS, Philadelphia Phillies

DOB: 05/14/1993 (Age-20 season)

2013 Statistics: 260 AB, .235/.320/.342, 5 HR, 32 SB (Lakewood, Lo-A)

Low Level Prospect Review 2.20.2013

Not quite as fast as Billy Hamiltion, but he's very close with a bit more power and a better shot to stay at shortstop.

85. Stryker Trahan │ C, Arizona Diamondbacks

DOB: 04/25/1994 (Age-19)

2013 Statistics: 16 AB, .188/.278/.375, 1 HR, 0 SB (Missoula, Rookie)

Prospect Showdown: Stryker Trahan vs. Clint Coulter 11.15.2012

86. Sonny Gray │ RHP, Oakland Athletics

DOB: 11/07/1989 (Age-23 Season)

2013 Statistics: 2.85 ERA, 88.1 IP, 85 H, 29 BB, 90 K (Sacramento, Triple-A)

Coming Soon To A Stadium Near You 5.20.2013

Maybe not the highest ceiling on this list, but Gray is close to big league ready, and he's doing to miss some bats when does get to the show.

87. Kolten Wong │ 2B, St. Louis Cardinals

DOB: 10/10/1990 (Age-22 season)

2013 Statistics: 276 AB, .319/.368/.471, 5 HR, 11 SB

Waiting in the Wings 4.18.2013

Wong will almost assuredly be one of the players I had too low because he will be a solid big leaguer. He just won't be a star. At 2B though, that may be enough to make him a top-10 option.

88. Michael Choice │ OF, Oakland Athletics

DOB: 11/10/1989 (Age-23 season)

2013 Statistics: 283 AB, .293/.389/.445, 11 HR, 1 SB (Sacramento, Triple-A)

Waiting in the Wings 7.12.2012

89. Marco Gonzales │ LHP, St. Louis Cardinals

DOB: 02/16/1992

2013 Statistics: 2.80 ERA, 106.0 IP, 102 H, 25 BB, 96 K (NCAA)

Gonzales is a case of a player and a team matching up really well. St. Louis develops pitchers, and he has the polish to move quickly through the system and become a quality starter.

90. Mason Williams │ OF, New York Yankees

DOB: 08/21/1991 (Age-21 season)

2013 Statistics: 258 AB, .256/.336/.360, 3 HR, 9 SB (Tampa, Hi-A)

Three (Possibly) True Outcomes 5.29.2013

Minor League Prospect Comparison: Mason Williams vs. Rymer Liriano 1.28.2012

91. Delino DeShields │ 2B, Houston Astros

DOB: 08/16/1992 (Age-20 season)

2013 Statistics: 225 AB, .284/.377/.404, 2 HR, 17 SB (Lancaster, Hi-A)

Prospect Preview 7.3.2012

92. Zach Lee │ RHP, Los Angeles Dodgers

DOB: 09/13/1991 (Age-21 season)

2013 Statistics: 3.21 ERA, 81.1 IP, 76 H, 22 BB, 74 K (Chattanooga, Double-A)

Waiting In The Wings 5.9.2013

93. Lewis Brinson │ OF, Texas Rangers

DOB: 05/08/1994 (Age-19 season)

2013 Statistics: 266 AB, .241/.320/.455, 14 HR, 12 SB (Hickory, Lo-A)

Minor League Keeper Thoughts: Texas Rangers 12.31.2012

Tremendous ceiling based on the tools, but what I've heard is that he looks awful against offspeed pitches, a real problem considering he's still in Lo-A.

94. DJ Peterson │ 3B, Seattle Mariners

DOB: 12/31/1991 (Age-21 season)

2013 Statistics: 28 AB, .179/.343/.464, 2 HR, 0 SB (Everett, Short Season)

2013 MLB Draft Notables 6.8.2013

95. Rymer Liriano │ OF, San Diego Padres

DOB: 06/20/1991 (Age-22 season)

2013 Statistics: None (injured)

Minor League Prospect Comparison: Mason Williams vs. Rymer Liriano 1.28.2012

If not for his offseason injury, Liriano would have ranked in the top half of this list. He shows all the tools, speed, raw power, a strong arm, etc. in batting practice and pre-game; he just needs to translate that all to more than flashes in games.

96. Tyler Austin │ OF, New York Yankees

DOB: 09/06/1991 (Age-21 season)

2013 Statistics: 267 AB, .273/.365/.393, 5 HR, 4 SB (Trenton, Double-A)

Prospect Preview 5.1.2012

97. J.R. Graham │ RHP, Atlanta Braves

DOB: 01/14/1990 (Age-23 season)

2013 Statistics: 3.79 ERA, 35.2 IP, 38 H, 10 BB, 28 K (Mississippi, Double-A)

Waiting In the Wings 4.25.2013

98. Dan Vogelbach │ 1B, Chicago Cubs

DOB: 12/17/1992 (Age-20 season)

2013 Statistics: 283 AB, .276/.346/.445, 11 HR, 3 SB (Kane County, Lo-A)

Low Level Prospect Review 11.21.2012

He's a first baseman (possibly a DH) only, but Vogelbach can really hit. He reminds me a lot of Matt Adams who is certainly showing success in the Majors right now.

99. Clayton Blackburn │ RHP, San Francisco Giants

DOB: 01/06/1993 (Age-20 season)

2013 Statistics: 4.80 ERA, 69.1 IP, 65 H, 19 BB, 79 K (San Jose, Hi-A)

Prospect Preview 9.7.2012

The sabermetric darling pitching prospect, Blackburn has the stuff to back up his tremendous walk and strikeout numbers thus far. And the Giants development staff makes it easy to believe in their pitchers.

100. Sean Manaea │ LHP, Kansas City Royals

DOB: 02/01/1992 (Age-21 season)

2013 Statistics: 1.47 ERA, 73.1 IP, 49 H, 27 BB, 93 K (NCAA)

2013 MLB Draft Notables 6.8.2013

If he can prove healthy, Manaea will jump 50 or so spots in the offseason rankings.

There you have it, the top-100 mideseason prospects. Tons of other players were considered so please, let's discuss those that made the list, and those that didn't in the comments.

. . .

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