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Fake Teams Podcast Episode 11: Don't Think, React

A new edition of the Fake Teams podcast featuring some talk about the Mets' pitching duo, Roy Oswalt, Pedro Alvarez, and some closer news.

To Zack's dismay the Miami Heat did win the NBA Championship last night, but more importantly we recorded the 11th edition of the Fake Teams Podcast. Today we get a little heavier on the happenings around the league than usual, but there are still some off-topic conversations as well. On Sunday, fellow Fake Teams' writer Brian Creagh will join us, so if you have questions for him please leave them in the comments or get at us on Twitter.

On this show we discuss:

  • Zack Wheeler's Major League Debut
  • Yaisel Puig once again, and his all-star prospects
  • Pedro Alvarez compared to nearly every third basemen in the league.
  • My chances to strike out 6 Houston Astros in an outing
  • And much, much more!

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The official band of the podcast, 20 Minute Tango, is back again so please check out more of their music, here.

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