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Fake Teams Podcast Episode 9: Talk Nerdy To Me

The 9th episode of the Fake Teams podcast featuring Zack and I covering the latest news, some sabermetric stats, and our favorite colors.

Don't fret, the new edition of the Fake Teams Podcast is here! Today Zack and I take advantage of a light news week to dive a bit deeper into some recent promotions and the stats we use when evaluating hitters for fantasy baseball. If you like the saber talk, this is the show for you.

On this episode of the podcast we discuss:

  • Mike Zunino's promotion to Seattle and if it was rushed
  • Gerrit Cole's Major League Debut, and his value for the rest of the season
  • The new closer for the Dodgers
  • wOBA and wRC+
  • And much, much more!

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