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Fake Teams Podcast Episode 5: Down a Host Already

Episode 5 of the Fake Teams Podcast features Ray Guilfoyle and Zack Smith tackling Chris Davis, Michael Wacha, Tyler Chatwood, and a plethora of user questions.

Back on its regularly scheduled day, we bring you the fifth edition of the Fake Teams Podcast. I unfortunately was unable to record last night, so we spent a few dollars to get a real fill-in: our managing editor Ray Guilfoyle.

On this podcast Ray and Zack discuss:

  • Chris Davis: is he a top 5 player for the rest of the season?
  • Michael Wacha's long anticipated debut
  • Tyler Chatwood's continued excellence in Colorado
  • Domonic Brown
  • Much, Much, More!

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Additionally the guys were able to tackle a good amount of reader questions, so thanks to everyone that submitted those to the pod. As always please leave any questions for Sunday's recording in the comments.

We're very excited to say that Sunday night we will be recording a special DRAFT PREVIEW podcast with Craig Goldstein, so if you have any questions about the upcoming draft, get them to us before Sunday.

We have 20 Minute Tango back again, please check out more of their music, here.

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