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Fantasy Football 2013: PPR Wide Receiver Rankings

When it comes to PPR leagues, having a strong group of receivers is essential to success. Check out the top 25 for the 2013 season.

Megatron runs away from the competition in WR rankings.
Megatron runs away from the competition in WR rankings.

The passing attacks in the NFL are taking over and that means there is plenty to go around in the wonderful world of wide receivers. Over each of the past two seasons, at least 10 quarterbacks threw for 4,000 yards after just five accomplished that feat in 2010 and six in 2008.

Calvin Johnson stole the show last year with his 1,964 receiving yards and it's hard to believe he only had five TDs. The lack of TDs actually put him just eight fantasy points ahead of Brandon Marshall. -- who had a massive season, as well. Whether it's a smart move to go WR in the first round is an argument for another day, there's really no way any owner should go through the first three rounds of a PPR draft without taking at least one receiver.

Megatron and Marshall headline this year's crop of receivers and there are some similarities to last year's projections, which can provide support to taking a WR early since they are a bit more reliable than running backs. A few of the big gainers from last year included DeMaryius Thomas and Randall Cobb, but a few guys like Michael Crabtree burst on the scene in the second half.

There aren't a whole lot of players changing teams, so moving forward there aren't a lot of question marks in attempting to tabbing players as possible breakouts. This edition isn't really going to focus too much on sleepers since all of these guys potentially will be starters for 12-team fantasy owners. There are really just three players that could be considered as breakouts on this list: Danny Amendola, Tavon Austin and T.Y. Hilton. All of which have some risks, but that's the name of the game when it comes to taking an relatively unproven player. We'll talk more about sleepers in part two, but here are the top 25 rankings for PPR leagues:

Other rankings so far:


Running Back

Wide Receiver Comments
1 Calvin Johnson Saying he played with broken fingers just adds to the Paul Bunyan-like stature of Megatron
2 Brandon Marshall He was second in targets and receptions last year while ranking third in yards
3 Percy Harvin He was the number one receiver in PPR for the first half of the year and his 509 YAC in nine games ranked eighth on the season
4 Julio Jones The consistency should be better with Julio and he should see even more goal-line targets
5 A.J. Green His 97 receptions topped most expectations, but the 11 TDs did not
6 Andre Johnson He ranked fifth in PPR leagues last year and there's almost no way he has just four TDs in 2013
7 Dez Bryant A second-half monster: 10 TDs, 50 catches and 879 receiving yards
8 DeMaryius Thomas He would be a top-five guy had the Broncos not signed Wes Welker
9 Randall Cobb He had 51 catches out of the backfield, which could take a hit, but there will be plenty of balls elsewhere
10 Roddy White He's still one of the best receivers at knowing how to get open
11 Larry Fitzgerald Not 100 percent sold on Carson Palmer reviving Larry to a true WR1, still an obvious improvment
12 Reggie Wayne Ranked second in targets and Andrew Luck's accuracy should improve to possibly boost his 106 receptions
13 Marques Colston Sean Payton is back and the Saints still don't have much depth in their receiving corps
14 Jordy Nelson The sky is the limit as long as hamstrings hold together
15 Victor Cruz His yards predictably came down, but other numbers were there including 10 TDs
16 Hakeem Nicks If you draft him in a 12-team league, it makes a lot of sense to handcuff him with Rueben Randle
17 Danny Amendola Monster upside for PPR with Welker's role and just needs to stay healthy
18 Antonio Brown Horrendous second half of 288 yards and 24 catches, but such an opportunity with no more 60 Minutes
19 Dwayne Bowe Very good chance he rises to the top 15 with a good training camp
20 Torrey Smith A little better suited for non-PPR leagues and seems like a good bet for 1,100 yards and eight scores
21 Michael Crabtree Monster in the playoffs with 20 catches, 285 yards and three TDs in three games; Crabby's five December games were also terrific: 35 catches, 538 yards and four TDs
22 Vincent Jackson His 72 catches on 147 targets is a little silly, but numbers were there at the end of the year
23 Tavon Austin He's really the only rookie receiver that's even worth drafting in the vast majority of leagues
24 Steve Smith Cam Newton could make a big leap as a passer and Smith would obviously benefit
25 T.Y. Hilton No more Donnie Avery could mean big things for Hilton -- especially in the yardage department