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Fantasy Football 2013 Quarterback Rankings

It's never too soon to start ranking players for fantasy football.


If you thought QB was deep going into drafts last year, this year is going to make a 12-team league seem like a six-man. In an already loaded crop, tons of quarterbacks broke out and the majority of them figure to stay around. Colin Kaepernick, Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck all provided big enough jolts to fantasy roster to help tons of owners win titles. One of the big question marks moving to next season is how defenses will adjust to the pistol. If the blueprint is out, then that could spell trouble for three of those four QBs mentioned. Owners really shouldn't overreact to this prospect of defense catching up and there's no reason to bump down players that run the ball more.

As far as draft strategy goes, it's really the same as it's been. Most owners in competitive leagues probably won't really have the luxury to take a QB in the first two rounds. Running back remains thin and getting your hands on an elite receiver can go a long way -- especially in PPR leagues.

Quarterback Comments
1 Aaron Rodgers Had a 'down' year, but still led QBs in passer rating last season
2 Cam Newton Outstanding second half: 17 TDs, 394 rushing yards and a 94.2 passer rating
3 Drew Brees Sean Payton is back. Brees' completion percentage dropped from 71.2 in 2011 to 63.0 last year
4 Tom Brady A lot to love about Danny Amendola, but no Wes Welker will hurt
5 Matthew Stafford Megatron and an NFL record 727 attempts. Has to cut down on TOs, though
6 Russell Wilson A YPA monster. His 9.44 in December is just ridiculous. Oh and Percy Harvin helps
7 Colin Kaepernick He was the focal point of offense and he has tons of weapons this year
8 Robert Griffin III As long as you get a solid backup, RG3 is worth the risk in the middle rounds
9 Peyton Manning Terrific last year, but easy to be gun shy about drafting a 37-year-old QB
10 Matt Ryan He was great in September and December, but just average in between
11 Andrew Luck Had 10 TDs in December, but losing Bruce Arians could limit him early
12 Tony Romo Romo got paid and he has a ton of weapons. Safe, lower-upside QB1
13 Eli Manning It all comes down to Hakeem Nicks staying healthy, which isn't good
14 Michael Vick Everyone will be watching Chip Kelly's offense and Vick seems to fit with big upside
15 Ben Roethlisberger No more Mike Wallace, but still going to be a pass-first offense
16 Joe Flacco He and Jim Caldwell hit it off and they shouldn't miss Anquan Boldin much
17 Jay Cutler The Cutler-Marshall connection isn't going to slow
18 Philip Rivers He's a disaster and didn't even come on strong in December like he usually does
19 Ryan Tannehill Only one INT in December was big for the rookie; Mike Wallace helps, too
20 Carson Palmer Larry Fitzgerald can make an average QB a bit above average
21 Jake Locker He can make plays, but a 56.4 completion percentage is unacceptable considering a lack of a vertical passing game
22 Matt Schaub He and Andre Johnson were number two on first down completions; it's still a run-first O
23 Josh Freeman Even though he made strides last year, TB's improved D could mean less shootouts
24 Sam Bradford Tavon Austin should inject some new life into their O and no more S-Jax
25 Andy Dalton A.J. Green is a weapon and the Bengals still don't have a solid run game
26 Alex Smith The game manager could be used more in Reid system
27 Geno Smith Hey, why not?
28 Brandon Weeden Led the NFL in turnovers and the Browns didn't add any real receiving threats
29 Christian Ponder He fell apart with no Percy Harvin down the stretch and it's AD's show
30 E.J. Manuel There will be too many growing pains to take a chance on him in his rookie year
31 Matt Flynn If he has success, that would suggest Denarius Moore would be a monster
32 Blaine Gabbert Can't throw under pressure at all, which is kind of a problem in the NFL