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Writing of the Week - May 12th

Brian Creagh pulls together some of the best fantasy baseball articles of the week.


It's Sunday night and we're gearing up for another week of fantasy baseball. Before the FakeTeams staff leads you to another successful week of imaginary roster management, let's take a look at some of the best writing on the interwebs from some of our peers.

- David Gonos lists 34 free sources to use for in-season fantasy baseball advice (LINK) (@DavidGonos)

- Paul Sporer has a new podcast and kills it with TINSTAAPP (LINK) (@Sporer)

- The guys at have Jason Parks on their podcast this week and cover a ton of prospect talk. (LINK) (@TheRealTAL)(@TheFantasyFix)

- Michael Dixon gives an in-depth analysis to justify picking up Kyle Kendrick off the waiver wire. (LINK) (@FBCrackerjacks)

- Luke Taylor at Dynasty Sports gives his top 5 3rd Base prospects to start the season (LINK) (@DSEmpire_Luke)

- Davis Mattek at The Fantasy Fix advocates selling off all of the part-time Yankee players who have seen early season success (LINK) (@DavisMattek)

Reach out to me on Twitter for any questions/additional analysis (@BrianCreagh)