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Luongo Stays With Canucks

After all the talk that the Vancouver Canucks could not afford to keep both Bobby and Cory Schneider throughout this entire shortened season, it looks like they’ll be doing so after as Luongo was not traded by the team prior to Tuesday’s trade deadline.

Rich Lam

In September of 2009, Luongo and the Canucks agreed to a 12-year, $64 million dollar deal, locking up the star tender for the remainder of his career in what was supposed to be the key move in bringing the Stanley Cup to Vancouver. While the team did make it to the finals just two seasons ago, they fell in seven games to the Boston Bruins and then proceeded to re-sign then backup Cory Schneider to a more favorable contract that would make him the team's starting goalie of the near and distant future.

Luongo was pulled off of the ice earlier today and reports serviced that the Toronto Maple Leafs were close to a deal for the veteran goalie, but it now looks like Luongo will have to focus on moving to a new team this coming summer.

For fantasy owners who drafted Luongo hoping he'd get dealt before the shortened season or at the deadline, this means they now own a really solid backup but nothing more. Luongo did steal a few games from Schneider early in the season with solid play, but he's been the goalie of record in just 14 contests this year, including just a pair of starts in the last two weeks.

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