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Derek Jeter out until after All Star break

Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter visited an ankle surgeon recently, and will now be out until at least late July.


I mentioned in the Roto Roundup this morning that Derek Jeter had to scale back his workouts recently:

Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter had to scale back his workouts recently, yet the team is saying this is not a setback. I don't believe them.

Well, my hunch was correct as Jeter had to pay a visit to an ankle surgeon and it was discovered that he has a small crack in his ankle. This from Andy McCullough from the Star Ledger:

The Yankee captain will be out until at least the All Star break, and possibly more. I had a friend tell me that it took him a year to return to playing baseball after breaking his ankle, and he broke his when he was 17. Jeter is 39 years of age. That is old for a baseball player.

If you haven't already, Jeter is droppable in mixed leagues where you have limited bench space.

Does this mean this is the last we will see of Jeter? Will he retire after this season? I doubt it, but he is a free agent at the end of the season, and I have a hard time believing he will get another big contract from any team, including the Yankees.