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Banter with Fake Teams

New to Fake Teams - Send Us Requests to post on! Banter with Fake Team contributors through

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If you haven’t already, check out my first few posts on Fake Teams attending to homerun potential (looking to replace Ryan Ludwick), scouring the waiver wire for starting pitchers by skill and qualifying Cole Hamels' performance to date.

I personally focus on player analysis and player comparison. You can find some of my other work here, but this is our proposal to you – SEND US YOUR REQUESTS and we'll post responses on Fake Teams.

We'll continue to post our own objective and subjective content, however, this is your platform for us to post based on your requests - any fantasy baseball related content/analysis/evaluations that you need, send us a request, and we’ll post responses on Fake Teams while referencing each post on We have an insightful group including Derek Ambrosino from The Hardball Times and Milo Kaminsky (MLBAM) who can help with your general strategy including league development and rule exploitation. We’re big into unique leagues and we can help make your leagues more distinct.

Most sites do a great job providing content, but we’ll focus on your requested content. Our brand is your demand. In addition to requests, you can subscribe here for ongoing banter with our contributors.

Daniel Schwartz owns and contributes for Rotobanter - a site dedicated to visitor requests and live discussion. You can follow him on Twitter @rotobanter.