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LABR Experts League Draft Results: NL-Only League Draft

The fantasy baseball experts convene in Arizona for the LABR Experts NL-Only League Draft this evening, and you can follow the results live right here.

Rob Carr

The fantasy baseball draft season is upon us and tonight we get the first of the big experts league draft results from the LABR Experts NL-Only league draft. Yes, the LABR, or League of Alternative Baseball Reality, draft take place this evening at 7pm ET in Arizona.

The LABR drafts, along with the upcoming Tout Wars drafts, serve as the benchmark for auction values for auction drafts. I know the owners in my oldest NL-only league use these auction values almost to the dollar every year. Other leagues I participate in have so much inflation, these auction values aren't as helpful.

The experts participating in tonights draft are as follows:

Steve Moyer, defending champion
Derek Carty, Baseball Prospectus
Steve Gardner, USA TODAY Sports
Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton, Full Moon Sports
Nate Ravitz,* ESPN
Greg Ambrosius/Shawn Childs, NFBC
Bob Radomski, Sandlot Shrink
Doug Dennis, Baseball HQ
Brad Evans*, Yahoo
Lawr Michaels, Mastersball
Eric Karabell, ESPN
Jeff Erickson* Rotowire/SiriusXM

You can see the auction draft results live at The RTSports database is down again.

You can follow the draft results here.