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Predictions: The Bold and The Ordinary

Anthony Calanni makes his predictions on various topics, including division winners, breakout stars, busts, MVP winners, and Cy Young pitchers.

Eduardo Nunez's presence will be felt in 2013.
Eduardo Nunez's presence will be felt in 2013.

American League
East Winner: Tampa Bay Rays
Central Winner: Detroit Tigers
West Winner: Houston Astros. Just Kidding. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Wild Cards: New York Yankees and Texas Rangers
Disappointing Team: Toronto Blue Jays
Surprise Team: Seattle Mariners
MVP: Robinson Cano
Cy Young: Felix Hernandez
Breakout Pitchers: Matt Moore and David Phelps
Breakout Hitters: Brett Gardner and Eduardo Nunez
Bust Pitcher: Yu Darvish
Bust Hitter: Edwin Encarnacion

National League
East Winner: Washington Nationals
Central Winner: Cincinnati Reds
West Winner: San Francisco Giants
Wild Cards: Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies
Disappointing Team: Los Angeles Dodgers
Surprise Team: Pittsburgh Pirates
MVP: Joey Votto
Cy Young: Cliff Lee
Breakout Pitcher: Shelby Miller
Breakout Hitters: Andrelton Simmons and Jean Segura
Bust Pitcher: Zack Greinke
Bust Hitter: Adrian Gonzalez

World Series Prediction: Detroit Tigers over Washington Nationals

Other Predictions and Explanations
Chase Utley and Ryan Howard will play a full season and Roy Halladay will be just fine.

The Pirates will finish above .500 for the first time in forever.

Derek Jeter will bat above .300...again.

The Red Sox will be below .500...again.

The magic of last season will be nonexistent for the Orioles and the Athletics.

The Astros will not lose 100 games, but the Marlins will.

The Marlins will play a home game this year with Billy the Marlin as the only soul in the stands.

Albert Pujols will silence his critics by hitting 40 home runs.

Josh Hamilton will also silence his critics and drive in 120 runs.

The Royals will finally put their youth to use and contend with Cleveland for second place in the AL Central.

We will all forget that the Minnesota Twins exist.

Jonathon Niese finishes in the top 3 for NL Cy Young voting.

The Yankees will make a major deal at the deadline, adding a star hitter.

Eduardo Nunez will steal 30 bases, David Phelps will win 15 games, and Mariano Rivera will save 40 games.

Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez: Only one will finish 2013 as a Colorado Rockie.

Mike Trout steals 50 bases and hits 30 homers.

Bryce Harper steals 30 bases and hits 30 homers.

Brett Lawrie will be officially considered insane.

Cubs fans will have hope through the first two months of the season and then it will all come crashing down.

B.J. and Justin Upton will get into at least one dugout fight this season.