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Prospect News: Albert Almora

The most recent first round pick of the Chicago Cubs broke his hamate bone

Jonathan Daniel

It was reported that Albert Almora, the 6th overall pick in the 2012 amateur draft broke his hamate bone yesterday:

A late May start certainly doesn't do Almora any favors, but given that he was in no danger of reaching the major leagues this season, this isn't a huge blow. What does it mean for us prospect watchers? A smaller sample size of at-bats and biased information. A break of the hamate bone allows the player to return to the field in a relatively short amount of time, but does impede their power utility when they return.

In that sense, it's likely we will not see every aspect that Almora brings to the table until very laste 2013, or more likely 2014. The good news is that when a hamate bone breaks, they remove the offending bone and any remaining concern that it could break again in the future. Because Almora is not a switch hitter (like Pablo Sandoval), there should be little chance that he suffers a break of the hamate in his other wrist, though stranger things have happened.

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