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Outfield: Late Round Value

The fourth in the Late Round Value series looks at outfielders. If you are in a deep league draft, an important part of your strategy is the ability to get value late in the draft. Here are three players who may help you with that.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Of all the positions on your fantasy team, outfield may be the most difficult to fill. The vast majority of the five-tool players and power hitters are found in the outfield. The trick is getting enough five-tool and power on your team, and knowing when to mix in the other positions, to create the balance you need to have a properly drafted team. The ability to get quality outfielders late in a draft is important to your team. The following players could help implement that strategy.

Arizona's Jason Kubel finished the 2012 season with 30 homeruns, 90 RBI, and a .253 batting average. The 31 year old Diamondback was drafted late by this writer, and, throughout the season, inspite of the production, was untradeable. With that kind of respect, my guess is that he will go unnoticed again in 2013. That is good for anyone able to draft him because I expect a 24 homerun, 82 RBI, and a .258 batting average stat-line for Mr. Kubel next season. Enjoy.

Need some speed late? Look no further than Will Venable. The 30 year old Padre stole 24 bases, hit 9 homeruns, and batted .264 in 2012. Penciled in as the starting right fielder, I think Mr. Venable steals another 22 bases, sends 8 fair balls over the fences, and hits .252, along the way.

We end our look at outfielders with a switch to the American League, and a short analysis of Seattle's Michael Saunders. The 26 year old right fielder hit 19 homeruns and stole 21 bases, but only hit .247, which is one of the reasons you may be able to draft Mr. Saunders in the later rounds of your draft. For 2013 I think Michael will hit 17 homeruns, steal 20 bases, and bat .240. You will need to draft some help in the batting average area, if you take Saunders, but Michael Saunders should be on your radar for the 2013 season.