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Fake Teams 2013 NL/AL-Only Position Rankings

Looking for league specific position rankings? We have your 2013 AL-only and NL-only position rankings to get you ready for you drafts this month.


Smokey and I teamed up to publish NL-Only and AL-Only position rankings for those of you in "only" leagues. They aren't as popular as mixed leagues, but I play in more "only" leagues than mixed leagues, and always have. I think "only" leagues require you to do a bit more homework to find that corner infielder or 4th-5th outfielder who could end up playing everyday.

Anyway, here are our 2013 rankings for AL-only and NL-only leagues:

NL/AL-Only Position Rankings

Catcher: NL| AL

First Base: NL|AL

Second Base: NL|AL

Shortstop: NL|AL

Third Base: NL|AL

Outfielders: NL|AL

Starting Pitchers: NL|AL

Relievers: NL|AL

Top 12 Hitters: NL|AL

If you are looking for more AL/NL-only league rankings, there is only one spot on the internet that is home to all the rankings you will ever need - Fantasy Rundown. They provide links to all the other fantasy baseball sites everyday for one-stop shopping. Check them out.