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My Tout Wars Mixed League Experts Draft: The Participants

Ray Guilfoyle discusses the Tout Wars mixed league draft he will be participating in later this evening, including the participants and league structure.

Justin Sullivan

I wrote about my first big experts league invite a few weeks ago here, and here is some information about who I will be competing against, and the league structure. The mixed league experts draft is scheduled for 6pm this evening, and I plan to take a half day off of work just to make sure I am not late to the draft, and I am fully prepared.

The new Tout Wars mixed league draft is a snake draft, consisting of 15 well-known fantasy baseball experts. It is a 5 x 5 league, with the following categories:













Here is a look at the participants in the new Tout Wars Mixed League Experts draft:

Lists are in order of first round reserve picks. Numbers in parens are amount of FAAB on Opening Day. # indicates new to league this year.

2013 Tout Wars MIXED DRAFT (New League)
Randomized for new players, list is in draft order.

Matthew Poulliot, Rotoworld (100)#

Tim McLeod, Rotoexperts (100)#

Eno Sarris, FanGraphs(100)#

Brent Hershey, Baseball HQ(100)#

Gene McCaffrey, Wise Guy Baseball (100)#

Anthony Perri, Fantistics(100)#

Mike Podhorzer, FanGraphs (100)#

Paul Greco, FantasyPro911 (100)#

Scott Engel, Rotoexperts (100)#

Charlie Wiegert, CDM Sports (100)#

Perry Van Hook, (100)#

Ray Guilfoyle, Fake Teams (100)#

Greg Ambrosius, NFBC (100)#

Tom Kessenich, NFBC (100)#

Grey Albright, Razzball (100)#

I look forward to competing against such an accomplished list of fantasy writers/experts, and will post the results of my draft tomorrow morning.

You can follow the results of the draft at and on SiriusXM radio's fantasy station form 6pm - 8pm this evening. There will be a live spreadsheet of the draft results and a live chat on

Here is a link to the live spreadsheet so you can follow along beginning at 6pm this evening.