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Fantasy Baseball 2013 AL Only Rankings: Outfield

Today we look at the AL-Only fantasy Outfielders. The last of the position players. The AL list is a little deeper then the NL due to the fact that AL carries more guys that will get AB's due to the help of the DH. So enjoy my rankings and see you next week when we toe the rubber.

Otto Greule Jr
  1. Mike Trout - Jersey's finest thing since the cranberry and the tomato. Historic season will be impossible to duplicate, a down year for him would be a 6-7 WAR season...yikes.
  2. Jose Bautista - Missed a good chunk of last year with wrist injuries. I have been monitoring his progress throughout the winter and it sounds like its all systems go. The guys hitting ahead of him are going to make all the difference.
  3. Josh Hamilton - Is a per game monster, problem is he doesn't play everyday. Expect a 15 day DL stint. Still good for 30/100 easily.
  4. Adam Jones - I love the all around package that he brings, great mix of speed power and defense. Makes a better real life player then fantasy if that's possible.
  5. Curtis Granderson - Tons of HR's and not a great BA to show for it. If he managed to hit .270 in his walk year. He could be a top 30 overall pick next year.
  6. Yoenis Cespedes - Tools, he has the shed. Flashed brilliance and showed what all the Youtube hits were all about. high 20/20's a distinct possibility.
  7. Ben Zobrist - His position eligibility makes him very sexy, like skinny jeans sexy. If I drafted him he is playing 2B, Quality stats across the board.
  8. Alex Gordon - Last year wasn't a continuation of the year prior, but I see him being better then last year, and that wasn't awful. A 20/10/80/80 ceiling is his middle ground.
  9. Jacoby Ellsbury - Contract year, coming off an injury the prologue is written for a bounce back season. Expect a 20/20 plus season.
  10. Austin Jackson - Line-up and the potential for a ton load of runs make me interested. Wish he stole more then a dozen bases but still pretty valuable.
  11. Alex Rios - Ranked here because of last years stats, I don't buy the resurgence and he is too up and down for me.
  12. Mark Trumbo - Hitting behind the monsters in that line-up has to mean something. I am banking that it will as I am fully invested in Trumbo this year.
  13. Melky Cabrera - Was last year a fully aided PED campaign? AA doesn't seem to think so as he gave him decent money to be their LF.
  14. Alejandro De Aza - I tend to rate guys who lead off and contribute a little higher, it's my curse. Double digit homers and 25 plus steals look nice with tons of runs.
  15. Torii Hunter - His counting stats may not look as shiny but he is a future HOF and a gamer. I think he sneakily steals 15 this year and is a complete steal considering where he is being drafted
  16. Chris Davis - Decent fantasy years can do one of 2 things, be what you are or what you can be. Davis has everyday chance to show Charm City if he is real.
  17. Shane Victorino - He brings his Kona blend to the house that Dunkin Donuts built. Figuratively of course. A 12/20 season is what your hoping for to make his mid round draft status make sense
  18. Nelson Cruz - If he is suspended he drops about 25 spots. Who knows what will happen. Full season he is a perfect 2-3 OF.
  19. Nick Markakis - Was on his way to being a stat filler in first few years and then fell to the injury bug and stats have followed suit. Solid # 2 OF, as he wont help or hurt you at all..
  20. Nick Swisher - The move to the Jake is going to hurt his power, you know what else will. Not being in the spotlight of a big city.
  21. Desmond Jennings - Dez has the potential to be a 10/40 guy. I just think he is battling a case of the "Yutes".
  22. Michael Morse - Crowded OF's usually say fantasy doom. I think he carves outa nice niche in Seattle and fences moved in or not he hits bombs.
  23. Josh Willingham - Solid performer who had a great year, look for him to be dealt around the AS break to a contender. 25/100 is the height of expectation.
  24. Dayan Viciedo - The tank is getting way overlooked I think. Still in mid 20's and power to burn.
  25. Josh Reddick - Massive breakout, can he sustain it or will he be a huge overdraft by most expecting the same result. I say he settles in to the 20 HR range.
  26. Ichiro Suzuki - BA savior isn't what he was, but he isn't as far as you would think. Go check what he did with the Yankees as compared with Seattle.
  27. Coco Crisp - Crowded OF's are never a great thing for fantasy purposes. You come for the steals and everything else he gives you is a bonus.
  28. Colby Rasmus - Bounce back or a head case. This is his make or break year in Toronto. I don't expect much but could do well as a 3rd Of with hopes of more.
  29. Drew Stubbs - Stubbs could be in the same boat as Rasmus is in Cleveland. Brings the power/speed potential, but will probably lead the team in strikeouts as well.
  30. Michael Saunders - I like him more then most and unfortunately the Mariners OF is getting very crowded. If he starts off hot I can still see a 18/18 season.
  31. Wil Myers - Won't start the year in TB outfield, but given enough at bats he will show why he is a top prospect.
  32. Brett Gardner - I think he comes back but will be slow to start. Is a great career lead-off hitter and with Jeter a little gimpy he may get some appearances hitting in front of the boppers. You are drafting him for steals and expect 30.
  33. Emilio Bonifacio - We have reasched the steals portion of the rankings, this is about where you want to draft your 3rd-4th OF for speed purposes.
  34. Brandon Moss - The trade of Chris Carter only helps his value. Could be this year's Reddick.
  35. Darin Mastroianni - Sneaky steals late in drafts win you that category. Finding semi-useful guys that aren't a leech on your roster is the hard part.
  36. Peter Bourjos - Look up one
  37. Lorenzo Cain - Look up two.
  38. Ryan Doumit - 3rd OF stats with catcher eligibility. Yea it's nice.
  39. Michael Brantley - Great sleeper type guy to give you stats at a quiet yet good value price.
  40. Jonny Gomes - I don't buy him as a full time player. Looks better as a platoon option. I guess we shall see.
  41. Trevor Plouffe - The position eligibility is great and if I miss on a 3B, he may be where I look in AL only.
  42. David Murphy - I think the 3rd OF in the Ranger is always overlooked. Rusty Greer rings a bell.
  43. Rajai Davis - A 4th OF currently but should see enough time to steal you 20 plus.
  44. Matt Joyce - From here on down this guys are waiver fodder or 4th OF fantasy types. Some have sleeper appeal but will be picked up and dropped sporadically throughout the year.
  45. Andy Dirks
  46. J.D. Martinez
  47. Justin Maxwell
  48. Nate McLouth
  49. Avisail Garcia
  50. Vernon Wells
  51. Chris Young
  52. Brennan Boesch
  53. Chris Parmelee
  54. Raul Ibanez
  55. Leonys Martin
  56. Jarrod Dyson
  57. Nolan Reimold
  58. Jeff Francoeur
  59. Franklin Gutierrez
  60. Aaron Hicks
  61. Fernando Martinez
  62. Jason Bay
  63. DeWayne Wise