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Fantasy Baseball 2013: NL/AL-Only Position Rankings

Smokeymcpots and I are in the middle of publishing our 2013 NL-Only and AL-Only position rankings, and links to what we have completed can be found below. Check them out.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Smokey and I are teaming up to publish NL-Only and AL-Only position rankings for those of you in "only" leagues. They aren't as popular as mixed leagues, but I play in more "only" leagues than mixed leagues, and always have. I think "only" leagues require you to do a bit more homework to find that corner infielder or 4th-5th outfielder who could end up playing everyday.

Anyway, here are our rankings for catcher, first base, second base and shortstop. We will be publishing out third base and outfielder rankings next week.

NL/AL-Only Position Rankings

Catcher: NL| AL

First Base: NL|AL

Second Base: NL|AL

Shortstop: NL|AL