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Fantasy Baseball Chat: LABR Weekend Draft Edition

We haven't had a fantasy baseball chat in a few weeks, so it's time for another.


It's been a few weeks since our last fantasy baseball chat, so let's talk fantasy baseball for a few hours, shall we. I will answer all questions posted up to 10pm or so.

You know the drill. I will answer any question you have, covering keepers, trade offers, draft strategy, or whatever. Ask as many questions as you want.

The LABR Experts league drafts are this weekend in Arizona, with the AL Auction beginning at 7pm ET on Saturday night, and the NL Auction beginning at 7pm ET on Sunday night. I will do my best to post links to the draft results as soon as they are available for those of you who participate in "only" leagues and use these draft results as a barometer for your own auction drafts. I know I do.