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Going Deep: Recap Of A Dynasty League's MiLB Draft

A last look at how a dynasty league MiLB draft shook out; including breakouts by position and MLB team

Rich Pilling

Whew. We're finally almost done with this draft. You've heard my thoughts on every pick (1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60) , but I wanted to do a little recap of what each team ended up with and who had the best draft, got the most talent, most upside, etc.

Team 1
Carlos Correa (SS HOU)
Tyler Austin (RF NYY)
Luis Heredia (SP PIT)

Team 2
Jose Fernandez (SP MIA)
Lewis Brinson (CF TEX)
Jairo Bera (RF TEX)

Team 3
Mike Zunino (C SEA)
Corey Seager (SS LAD)*
Andrew Heaney (SP MIA)

Team 4
Byron Buxton (OF MIN)
Luis Sardinas (SS TEX)
Chris Stratton (SP SFG)

Team 5
Addison Russell (SS OAK)
Dorssys Paulino (SS CLE)
Alex Wood (SP ATL)

Team 6
Aaron Sanchez (SP TOR)
Trevor Story (SS COL)
Lance McCullers (SP HOU)

Team 7
Kyle Zimmer (SP KCR)
Austin Hedges (C SDP)
Stefan Romero (INF SEA)

Team 8
David Dahl (OF COL)
Kyle Crick (SP SFG)
Allen Webster (SP BOS)

Team 9
Yasiel Puig (RF LAD)
Bruce Rondon (RP DET)
Miles Head (1B/3B OAK)

Team 10
Alen Hanson (SS PIT)
Roberto Osuna (SP TOR)
Jeimer Candelario (3B CHC)

Team 11
Gregory Polanco (CF PIT)
Michael Wacha (SP STL)
Matt Skole (1B/3B WAS)

Team 12
Max Fried (SP SDP)
Jorge Bonifacio (RF KCR)
J.O. Berrios (SP MIN)

Team 13
Albert Almora (CF CHC)
Richie Shaffer (3B TB)
Cody Buckel (SP TEX)

Team 14
Kevin Gausman (SP BAL)
Adalberto Mondesi (SS KCR)
Hyun-Jin Ryu (SP LAD)

Team 15
Jackie Bradley, Jr (CF BOS)
Brad Miller (SS SEA)
Joc Pederson (OF LAD)

Team 16
Courtney Hawkins (RF CHW)
Deven Marrero (SS BOS)
Gavin Cecchini (SS NYM)

Team 17
Lucas Giolito (SP TEX)
Clayton Blackburn (SP SFG)
Matt Wisler (SP SDP)

Team 18
Stryker Trahan (C ARI)
Roman Quinn (SS PHI)
Tyler Glasnow (SP PIT)

Team 19
Christian Bethancourt (C ATL)
Clint Coulter (C MIL)
Brandon Maurer (SP SEA)

Team 20
Joey Gallo (3B TEX)
DJ Davis (CF TOR)
Kyuji Fujikawa (RP CHC)

Most Value
1) Team 6
2) Team 8
3) Team 1

The top two had far and away the best value for me. That doesn't mean they took in the most talent, but for where they drafted, I thought they did the best. I actually think there's a sizeable gap between Team 6 and Team 8 as well, but both deserve recognition. Team 1 gets included because Luis Heredia was a great get that late. Shouldn't have happened.

I did consider my own team (Team 14) for this list almost entirely based on the excess value of Gausman at 14th overall, but I think my "now" pick of Hyun-Jin Ryu" neutralized some of that value. Hence the three listed above.

Most Potential
1) Team 1
2) Team 2
3) Team 8
4) Team 6
5) Team 12

It's not surprise that the top value teams also dominate the most talent. That's just how it goes sometimes. Also included is Team 2 which I don't think completely exploited it's value (Fernandez was a great grab but Beras was a bit of a reach). Beras knocked Team 2 from the value rankings for me, but still represents a huge potential talent so they get recognized here. Team 12 just stayed steady and took both high ceiling and solid players all the way through. I really like that draft.

Team 20 gets an honorable mention as they really shot for the stars with their first two picks, but their third pick ended their chances for this list. It's hard to include any team that drafts a reliever in a "most potential" category.

Most Probability
1) Team 13
2) Team 7
3) Team 14

My thoughts my differ from yours here because a) we're different people with different opinions, but also b) because probability means different things to different people. It could mean just reaching the majors. It could mean probability of reaching their ceilings. It could mean a lot of things. For our (my) purposes, I'm going with probability of having some form fantasy value (specifically in our league) without a ton of risk as a prospect.

I see Almora and Shaffer as potential high value fantasy players when position is factored in for this league and while I have some personal distaste for Buckel's profile, I think he's a high probability major leaguer and has the potential to return some value from that pick. The top two carry the majority of the weight though.

I didn't love Team 7's draft, but I have little doubt that Hedges will matter at some point in fantasy. I don't think the value was great but I do think he becomes a factor. Zimmer should retain good value and in short order. I also didn't like the value on Romero but I think he's a major leaguer and could contribute in a league this deep.

I didn't really want to include a third team. I chose my own based on the immediate value of Ryu combined with the potential impact and proximity of Gausman. I think Mondesi negates a ton of that given his age and risk and honestly I wouldn't have included myself here if I wasn't trying to go at least 3 deep at each spot.

Statistical Breakdown of the Draft

By Position

Note: I split out the positions by where the player is playing now, not projecting out. This means I had to include Matt Skole under "3B" instead of "AAA Bench".

SP 22
SS 12
CF 8
C 5
3B 5
RP 2
2B 1

What this says to me is that up the middle talent matters whether it's in fantasy or in real life. That or we're all easily influenced by top prospect lists, in which case, my league (and you) should read this post from Bret Sayre and posts like this from Jason Hunt.

By MLB Team

Number of Players Team(s)

By Highest Level Played

Level Number of Prospects
Triple-A 1
Double-A 11
Hi-A 6
Lo-A 14
Rookie* 26
International 2

*Rookie ball is designated for any level below Lo-A up to and including Short-Season Leagues

I hope you've enjoyed this process as much as I have and found it useful in some way or another. If you have any further questions or comments let me know!

You can follow me on Twitter at @cdgoldstein