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Draft Strategy: Worst.Mock.Draft.Ever

I signed up for an NL-only, 5 x 5 mock draft over at Mock Draft Central on Sunday night. Then forgot about it. The results were frightening. Read on.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

I participate in several NL-only, 5 x 5 leagues every year, one of which is a snake draft, so I decided to sign up for a an NL-only, 5 x 5 mock draft over at Mock Draft Central on Saturday night. The mock draft was scheduled to start at 8pm ET, which gave me plenty of time to get some work done for my real job, get dinner ready for the kids, and sit down for a quick mock draft to get me ready for my real draft coming up on March 21st.

Well, I got so busy with work that I completely forgot about the draft until I received an email from MDC (how nice of them). Anyway, so I opened the email and started eyeballing down the draft results to see how my auto draft picks went. My jaw about hit the floor when I saw who auto draft selected for my second pick. The third pick was no better. The fourth pick was worse, and on and on. I could not believe the team I ended up with. It is quite shocking. After reviewing my draft results, I thought either someone stole my login and drafted for me for kicks, or MDC's preset rankings are the worst thing ever.

Without further ado, lay your eyes on The Worst Mock Draft Team Ever Assembled:

Fake Teams
Player Team Acquired
1B Gaby Sanchez PIT R19 P12
3B Jordan Pacheco COL R13 P12
3B Chris Nelson COL R15 P12
SS Willie Bloomquist ARI R22 P1
SS Mariekson Gregorius ARI R23 P12
C Wilin Rosario COL R3 P12
C Martin Maldonado MIL R20 P1
C Steven Clevenger CHC R21 P12
OF Jay Bruce CIN R1 P12
OF Lucas Duda NYM R11 P12
OF Will Venable SD R14 P1
OF Logan Morrison MIA R16 P1
OF Jesus Guzman SD R17 P12
OF Darin Ruf PHI R18 P1
SP Zack Greinke LA R5 P12
SP Yovani Gallardo MIL R6 P1
SP Chad Billingsley LA R12 P1
RP Craig Kimbrel ATL R2 P1
RP Jason Motte STL R4 P1
RP Jason Grilli PIT R7 P12
RP Jonathan Broxton CIN R8 P1
RP Kyuji Fujikawa CHC R9 P12
RP Kenley Jansen LA R10 P1

I mean WTF!!! I didn't mind Jay Bruce in the first round, but he was drafted ahead of Troy Tulowtizki and Giacarlo Stanton. Craig Kimbrel in the second round? Wilin Rosario in the third round? Jason Motte in the fourth round?

And how does Zack Greinke fall to the fifth round in an NL-only draft? That certainly won't happen in my NL-only league draft. Then the 7th-10th rounds handed me two more closers after drafting me two in the first four rounds-Jason Grilli, Jonathan Broxton, future Cubs closer Kyuji Fujikawa and Dodgers soon-to-be-closer Kenley Jansen.

The MDC default rankings have to be the worst, as my offense consists of 9 back ups and and my pitching staff is littered with closers and future closers.

I was so miffed about these draft results that I sent a tweet to Mock Draft Central's Twitter account, but to no avail. I asked them who provides their default rankings, but received no response as of this writing.

Just another reason why ADP's can be so skewed, because guys like me forget they signed up for a draft, and rely on the site to utilize at least a reasonable set of default rankings, but this was ridiculous. I will be signing up for another NL-only mock draft just to prove I am not a closer hoarder.