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An Email Which Made My Weekend, and a Thank You

I received an email on Sunday from a new reader that made my weekend. Check it out.


I was checking out my email this morning after a chocolate chip pancake breakfast and came across this email from one of our new readers that I wanted to share with you. Here is the email from the Fake Teams reader:


I would like to congratulate you and the staff of Fake Teams on a really great site for fantasy baseball analysis. Not all sites are created equal and you've got a great one. I found you through this year and end up reading most of the links they post. I see plenty of the other sites. Yours truly stands out.
You've managed to put together just the right combination of everything I believe should be on an advice/analysis blog. It's informative and accessible without being overly formal at one extreme or casual at the other. Enough stats and support to back up your opinions without coming off as a know-it-all and still allowing for the readers to make up their own minds about players and their respective teams. You post original pieces and insights while still covering the basics. Great collection of contributors each of whom meets a high standard. I can't forget to mention how available you are for your readers. The marathon weekend chats and responses really make me feel welcome and that you care about my questions. Lastly, your site looks great. High quality pics, easy to read and navigate. I look forward to each post.
I know it's a team effort so please share my congratulations with your staff.
That's it. No questions about my team or anything. Just a kudos, pat on the back, attaboy.

I did let our writers know, and they were all very happy to hear the compliments of the new Fake Teams reader. It is comments and emails like this that make what we do even more special. You see, we all work hard to make Fake Teams the fantasy destination for you, our readers. To see what this site has become from the day I started writing here is quite an achievement, and its success is due to the contributions of the great team of writers we have here. We all share the same passion for baseball and fantasy baseball (and hockey for Jack who covers hockey for us).

This article was not written requesting more praise. Not at all.

This article was written to thank you. If it wasn't for YOU, our readers, we wouldn't be here writing every day. You continue to visit the site, share your opinions, and help mold the site into what it is today. And we want to continue to make changes that our readers want to see in a fantasy site.

Please, don't be shy about sharing your opinions. We are here to offer advice and our opinions on players and the like, and you can learn from us. But, we can also learn from you. The Fake Teams community is here for YOU, our readers. If you agree or disagree with one of our writers, share your opinion with reasonable support on why you agree/disagree. This helps foster more sharing of opinions and thoughts, and through discussion, helps makes us all better fantasy owners and improves our ability to analyze players, and offers a different way to look at a player.

Also, if you want us to cover something that is not being covered here, or elsewhere, don't be afraid to ask. We will do our best to add more content to help you win your leagues this season.

Once again, thank you for making Fake Teams your fantasy destination every day.