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Fake Teams Receives Tout Wars Invite

Ray Guilfoyle got the invite he has been working toward since he started writing for Fake Teams four years ago.


I woke up Saturday morning to an email titled "Tout Wars Invite". When my sleepy eyes glazed over the subject line of the email, I felt my eyes bulge wide open and my heart skipped a few beats. I thought to myself "this is a joke, right?". Then, I scrolled my eyes over to the sender of the email-"Peter Kreutzer". My heart skipped a few more beats.

I read through the email and did, in fact, receive an invite to the brand new Tout Wars Mixed League Draft to be held on Monday March 11th at 6pm. The roster of participants include some of the top fantasy minds in the business:

Matthew Poulliot (100)#

Tim McLeod (100)#

Eno Sarris (100)#

Brent Hershey (100)#

Gene McCaffrey (100)#

Anthony Perri (100)#

Mike Podhorzer (100)#

Paul Greco (100)#

Scott Engel (100)#

Charlie Wiegert (100)#

Perry Van Hook (100)#

Ray Guilfoyle (100)#

Greg Ambrosius (100)#

Tom Kessenich (100)#

Grey Albright (100)#

I started playing fantasy baseball way back in the late 1980's, giving away my age here, and have always dreamed of sitting in the same room as the fantasy baseball experts, and now is my opportunity. I have to say I was in shock when I read the email yesterday morning. I have accomplished one of my goals.

For a fantasy baseball writer, this invite is like an SBN baseball writer getting credentialed for the major league team they cover. To me, this is one of the highest honors for a fantasy baseball writer. To participate in an experts league with experts I have been reading for years is a real thrill, and to be considered in the same breath as them is a dream come true.

I look forward to participating in my first Tout Wars Experts League this season, and am thinking about blogging about my experience throughout the season.

In addition to the Tout Wars league, I will be participating in a Fantasy Pros 911 expert mixed league in early April and a CBS Sports NL only experts league draft this Tuesday afternoon.