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Fantasy Baseball 2013: Head to Head Points League Rankings

Alex Kantecki finalized his 2013 Head to Head Points League Rankings on Friday. Here are links to all of his position rankings, including his Top 100 Hitters.

Jonathan Daniel

Alex Kantecki published his Top 100 Hitters for Head to Head leagues last week, and has completed his H2H league Position and Pitcher Rankings as well. Check out all of his rankings in the links provided below.

Head to Head Points League Rankings

Top 100 Hitters


First Base

Second Base


Third Base

Outfielders: 1-25| 26-50

Starting Pitchers: 1-25| 26-50


If you are looking for more Head to Head position rankings, there is only one spot on the internet that is home to all the rankings you will ever need - Fantasy Rundown. They provide links to all the other fantasy baseball sites everyday for one-stop shopping. Check them out.