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2013 LABR Experts Mixed League Draft Results

The first experts draft of the season is in the books, with the LABR Expert Mixed League Draft completed this evening. Check out the results in the link provided.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

It's earlier than I expected, but the first experts league draft is in the books, with the LABR Experts Mixed League draft completed this evening. Click on the link below to see all of the draft results:

LABR Experts Mixed League Draft Results

The draft consisted of 15 of the top fantasy experts in the business, including Paul Sporer, from Baseball Prospectus and, who recently wrote a guest post here at Fake Teams a few weeks ago.

Here are the first round picks:

1. Miguel Cabrera

2. Mike Trout

3. Ryan Braun

4. Robinson Cano

5. Matt Kemp

6. Prince Fielder

7. Andrew McCutchen

8. Joey Votto

9. Albert Pujols

10. Carlos Gonzalez

11. Giancarlo Stanton

12. Justin Upton

13. Buster Posey

14. Bryce Harper

15. Adrian Beltre

The only pick I think might be too early was Harper at 14, but I am high on him this season, so I really can't bash the pick here. I see a 25 home run, 25 stolen base season from him this season, and that is first round worthy, especially in a deep draft like this one.

I would have taken Braun if I had the #1 pick, but you really cannot go wrong with Cabrera, who is probably the best hitter in baseball.