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Fantasy Baseball 2013 AL Only Rankings: Starting Pitchers

Today we look at the moundsmen from the AL. I could list them to 100 since there is never enough pitching or pitching insight one may have at draft time. So instead I stopped at 68, and you can owe me one. So enjoy my take on the AL-Only pitching scene and all it's glory.

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  1. Justin Verlander - The only pitcher in either league that could be considered(not by me but others) in RD 1
  2. David Price - Reigning Cy Young winner is like buttered toast. Mmmmm Toast
  3. Felix Hernandez - Recent elbow news aren't encouraging, could slip in drafts due to it. I would still pounce in RD 3.
  4. Jered Weaver - If he K'd more he would be a higher fantasy asset, as he sits he is still pretty valuable with his nice and pretty ratios.
  5. Yu Darvish - His sophomore season will be a more dominant one with a few more wins sprinkled in. 225+ K's
  6. C.C. Sabathia - Still a hoss. Regardless of what ADP says. Top pitcher for a team that wins 90, 18 wins and 200K's easy peasy lemon squeezy.
  7. Chris Sale - The inning jump is not a concern for me, his delivery also not a problem for me. I love this kid period send to editor.
  8. R.A. Dickey - Switch of league is going to hurt his K numbers by a good 10% 16 wins and 190 K's is my prediction.
  9. Max Scherzer - I think I am probably too low on him after I think what he can really do. Is a K machine who is just starting to learn how to pitch and be a winner
  10. James Shields - Traded to KC. If he stayed in TB he would be maybe one spot higher for me, so if you're keeping track that's not much.
  11. Matt Moore - Third best Lefty in the AL. Kid is going to be special if he isn't already. Will be neck and neck with Darvish and Scherzer for the K title IMO.
  12. Brandon Morrow - If he was healthy more often the kid has unhittable stuff. Unfortunately we haven't seen it yet. Good for 160 innings of stellar, save a DL spot tough.
  13. Jake Peavy - A rejuvenated Jake shined through last year. Lots of wear on the arm though which makes me shiver. Let someone else draft him.
  14. Josh Johnson - This is the injury worrisome part of the rankings, guys that show it but have that injury hiccup. New team will help his wins, AL will hurt everything else.
  15. Doug Fister - Everybody do the Dougie, ok I will do it for you since I am more coordinated. A great number 3 starter regardless of league.
  16. Hiroki Kuroda - Consistency wins a lot of the time. 3/1 K/BB never hurts either.
  17. Jon Lester - No way he is done, will bounce back and at a great draft day value.
  18. C.J. Wilson - He doesn't do anything overwhelming, but team is going to win some games if you have been living in a cave.
  19. Brett Anderson - I love the A's pitchers, why not. The park aided factors are pretty glaring.
  20. Phil Hughes - If he played at the little league field with no fences and no automatic HR's he would be king. Damn you and your walls.
  21. Jarrod Parker - Second A in top 25, I told ya.
  22. Jeremy Hellickson - Is basically the RH version of C.J. Wilson
  23. Anibal Sanchez - Couldn't find his stride last year, had a few great starts surrounded by mediocrity.
  24. Ryan Dempster - Pitched great in the NL last year prior to trade, posted ugly ERA over 5 in Texas. The AL does that sometimes.
  25. Matt Harrison - Won a surprising 18 wins last year, don't expect that total nor the K's but should be in the teens for wins.
  26. Andy Pettitte - I don't care how old you are, if you put up great ratios it leads to success.
  27. Tommy Hanson - I really hope his shoulder doesn't fall off. He is in that weird transition of being in between a K pitcher and a control pitcher.
  28. Tommy Milone - Third A in the top 30, is it getting repetitious?
  29. Hisashi Iwakuma - One of my top sleepers this year. He pitched phenominally down the stretch last year, look for it to continue. Sneaky 14 wins with surprising ratios.
  30. Jason Vargas - Another of my sleeper type guys. Pitches just well enough to lose, well that was in Seattle. Now has an offense and cozy 4th starter match-ups.
  31. Alex Cobb - The last of my first round of sleeper type guys. Like Iwakuma pitched graet down the stretch.
  32. Jason Hammel - If your looking for K's this isn't it. Chasing wins and a repeat of non-colorado numbers is what you're hoping for
  33. Justin Masterson - Random piece of trivia for ya, only MLB player to be born in Jamaica. Weird but true.
  34. Ricky Romero - I am really glad LL took time off from CSI to pitch. Needs to figure out how to stop being a WHIP disaster.
  35. Derek Holland - Too many taters. Is the LH version of Phil Hughes, with less win capability.
  36. Mark Buerhle - Wily veteran is a innings gobbler, at least he will pitch every fifth day great for win chasing, but not much K potential.
  37. Vance Worley - My second round of sleepers. Moves from a fly ball park to a pitchers park. I don't like that he is the ace of this staff and that may hurt him with match-ups.
  38. Wei-Yin Chen - Solid 4th starter. Will give you meduim wins and K's. Which is what you want.
  39. Clay Buchholz - I see a bounce back here for Clay, a return to a mid 3 ERA type guy late in drafts for a 85 plus win team late in drafts sounds tasty.
  40. Ubaldo Jimenez - Would it be so far fetched if he K'd 175? He will also destroy your ratios but I still think he may be better then we saw last year.
  41. Alexei Ogando - Was mired in the pen after returning from TJ. Arm strength and sleeper appeal are there. Will be missed a lot in drafts because he didn't accumulate stats, don't sleep on him.
  42. Chris Tillman - Pitched crazy sexy down the stretch last year. Not sure if it was over his head or a post hype type guy. Either way me likey.
  43. Scott Diamond - The last of second round of sleepers. Go look at his stats, minus the K's, tell me where he was awful or hurt your team....I'll wait.
  44. A.J. Griffin - Soft tosser with nice success last year. Great control and a nice start for the 5th starter in your AL-Only rotation.
  45. Bud Norris - I would love him to get traded to a team that isn't going to suck. For skimming he is the only Astro listed.
  46. Felix Doubront - Great K sleeper, needs to keep the walks under control to be an effective roster stalwart.
  47. Miguel Gonzalez - Pitched way over his head and n the playoffs. Showalter knows how to get the most out of his starters. Good for 10 wins and some sneaky good ratios.
  48. Brett Myers - Started then relieved, Then Started and then relieved. Now he is a starter again. Career ERA as a starter is a run higher then as a relief picther.
  49. Joe Saunders - I like the signing by Seattle as he just eats up innings and will be aided by ballpark effects. Expect Jason Vargas lite numbers.
  50. Gavin Floyd - From here down its roster fodder and can be listed in any order you choose. Most of these guys will be your 6-7th starter in AL formats. Which usually equates to streaming or just adding a dominant reliever.
  51. Rick Porcello
  52. Jeff Niemann
  53. Trevor Bauer
  54. Jeremy Guthrie
  55. John Danks
  56. Colby Lewis
  57. Ervin Santana
  58. Carlos Carrasco
  59. Erasmo Ramirez
  60. Kevin Correia
  61. Wade Davis
  62. Kyle Gibson
  63. Joe Blanton
  64. Jake Arrieta
  65. Drew Smyly
  66. John Lackey
  67. Dan Straily