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Yahoo Fantasy Baseball is Now Open for Sign Ups

Yahoo Fantasy Baseball is now open, and there are a number of new features for the 2013 season.

J. Meric

With the fantasy baseball season rapidly approaching, Yahoo! has opened their fantasy baseball game for sign ups. I've hosted leagues on Yahoo for many years now, and I have to say that I am very impressed with this year's enhancements.

First, the basic details from Yahoo:

Yahoo! Sports is the #1 FREE Fantasy Baseball game on the web. Offering:

  • Superior research and expert advice
  • New Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball iPad app for 2013 season
  • Pro Leagues - step it up a notch and play in public cash prize leagues
  • Same day drafts
  • Custom playoff seeding

Now, some of the specifics:

  • Two new stat options were added: Saves+Holds and Net Saves+Holds - For those of you looking for a little bit different set of categories for relievers, you can choose these. In addition, there are 37 hitting categories and 48 other pitching categories to let you customize as much as you want.
  • Predetermined Random Draft Order: Previously with Yahoo, if you wanted to have a randomly selected draft order that you knew before the draft, you had to use a third-party site to generate the order and then have your commissioner enter it into the site. Not any longer.
  • Continuous Waiver Mode: You can now set your league to keep all available players on waivers at all times. Potentially a helpful feature if you are hoping to avoid the new closer for a team being picked up because another owner in your league was watching the game and went straight to their phone to pick them up.
  • Keeper Settings: I don't remember this being available last season (it may have been), but you can now assign costs to keepers, have them tracked all season long, and this is not limited to just auction formats. Your commissioner can assign keeper values in any numeric form they wish, and see the information as you research trades and other roster moves. We use Yahoo for the Fake Teams dynasty league, and am personally looking forward to seeing what other items we can add to our league this season.

And of course, the features that have carried over:

  • Mobile App available to track your team on the go, including a new iPad app for the 2013 season.
  • Mock Draft Lobby is already open
  • Highly customizable league formats

I'm always excited for when Yahoo opens its signups for the baseball season, and with the new features I am looking forward to seeing what things I can do in my own leagues to help run them even better.

Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball supports SBNation and fantasy league families everywhere. Get better experts, better tools, and better stats with the #1 free fantasy baseball game. This season also features a brand new iPad app, so sign up now. Get ready for opening day with better play on Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Baseball.