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MLB Trade Rumors: Jeff Samardzija on his way to Arizona?

The Diamondbacks and Cubs are expected to discuss a trade involving Cubs starter Jeff Samardzija. Here are the fantasy implications.

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A little while ago, ESPN's Buster Olney tweeted that the Diamondbacks and Cubs will continue to talk trade involving Cubs starter Jeff Samardzija:

The Cubs want to sign him to a long term deal, but apparently the two sides cannot come to an agreement, so the Cubs are floating his name on the trade market and the Diamondbacks are listening. The Diamondbacks are a good match for the Cubs, as they have several pitching prospects from which to deal, including Archie Bradley, Tyler Skaggs, David Holmberg, and Andrew Chafin. I don't see the Diamondbacks trading Bradley unless they get blown away in an offer.

Minor League Ball's John Sickels ranked all four of the Diamondbacks' pitching prospects in his Top 20 Diamondbacks Prospects for 2013, with Skaggs at #1, Bradley at #2, Holmberg at #5 and Chafin at #6.

There is one scenario where I think the two sides could come to a agreement on a deal involving Bradley. Would the Diamondbacks consider the following:

Archie Bradley and Chris Owings


Jeff Samardzija and Starlin Castro

The Cubs would be getting 6 years of control over Bradley and Owings and in return, they give up their best starter in Samardzija and their best young hitter coming off a down year in Castro. Maybe you need to balance things out with a few prospects here and there, but I think this deal could have some legs. Then again, Bradley is considered one of the better pitching prospects in the minors, so the Diamondbacks may be reluctant to deal him, prefering to wait out for a blockbuster deal instead.

A package headed by Tyler Skaggs and Chris Owings for Samardzija could make sense for both teams, especially if the Cubs are serious about dealing Castro this offseason. A trade to Arizona would help Samardzija in the wins category, as he would be pitching for a better team and a better lineup. Surprisingly, Chase Field was more of a pitchers park as compared to Wrigley Field in 2013. Arizona depressed run scoring by about 3% (ranking 18th in MLB) and home runs by about 5% (ranking 16th in MLB), while Wrigley Field increased runs scoring by 19% (ranking second in MLB) and home runs by 12% (ranking 11th in MLB) in 2013. If that trend should continue, Samardzija would benefit for a trade to Arizona, along with pitching more games in three of the best pitchers parks in baseball in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego.

What do Fake Teams readers think? Would you move Samardzija up your starting pitcher rankings if he is traded to the Diamondbacks this offseason?

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