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The earliest of early mock drafts: Round Three

Ray takes a quick look at the third round of the #earlymock14 fantasy baseball draft with the guys from Fantasy Assembly.

Jennifer Stewart

We are into round 14 in the #earlymock14 fantasy draft, and today I offer you my thoughts on round three. You can find my thoughts on the earlier rounds here:

Round One

Round Two

Now, let's take a look at Round Three:

3.1 Bryce Harper (Nabae Asfar, Fake Teams)

3.2 Giancarlo Stanton (Brian Creagh, Fake Teams)

3.3 Carlos Gomez (Jeff, Rotowords)

3.4 Ian Desmond (Ray Guilfoyle, Fake Teams)

3.5 Jose Reyes (Paul, Fantasy Assembly)

3.6 Jean Segura (Kevin, Fantasy Assembly)

3.7 Jay Bruce (Alex Kantecki, Fake Teams)

3.8 Shin-Soo Choo (Daniel Kelley, Fake Teams)

3.9 Max Scherzer (Tommy, Fantasy Assembly)

3.10 Matt Kemp (Peter, Fantasy Assembly)

3.11 Adam Wainwright (Jim, Fantasy Assembly)

3.12 Starling Marte (Dan Schwartz, Fake Teams)

It was just a matter of time before Bryce Harper and Giancarlo Stanton were taken, and I have to admit, I really thought about both of them in round two ahead of David Wright. I am a little surprised they "dropped' to round three, to be honest. Love the picks.

Once again, I took a hitter, and once again, I take a hitter who can put up a 20 home run, 20 stolen base season, and that player is Nationals shortstop Ian Desmond. Desmond has put up two consecutive 20-20 seasons and has exceeded my expectations for him in a big way.

Little did I know that my Desmond pick was the start of a short shortstop run, as Jose Reyes and Jean Segura quickly fell off the board right after my pick.

Max Scherzer was the third starting pitcher taken, and with his strikeout ability, I can't blame Tommy for taking him here in the third round. Scherzer is the favorite to win the American League Cy Young award in the next week or so.

The riskiest pick of the draft so far goes to Peter from Fantasy Assembly. Look, I might be the biggest Matt Kemp fan there is, but his injury history and his recent offseason shoulder and ankle surgery have to give one pause on draft day. I hope Peter ends up looking smart with this pick, but I am not so sure he will.

After three round, my roster looks like this:

Rd. 1 Andrew McCutchen, OF

Rd. 2 David Wright, 3B

Rd. 3 Ian Desmond, SS

All three have the potential to put up a 20-20 season in 2014.

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