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Preliminary Top 5 American League Outfield Fantasy Prospect Rankings

Let's take a look at the top outfield prospects in the American league for fantasy baseball.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I am currently working on the Top 5 American League Outfield Fantasy Prospects. Who do you think are the top 5 outfield prospects in the AL for fantasy purposes? Who will become the next Mike Trout or Wil Myers? The outfield is stacked in both leagues with plenty of interesting fantasy options for the future, and I would like to hear your opinions…

The top AL outfield prospects in consideration are listed below.

Jackie Bradley

Bryce Brentz

Mason Williams

Tyler Austin

Courtney Hawkins

Trayce Thompson

Clint Frazier

Nick Castellanos

Daniel Fields

Bubba Starling

Jorge Bonifacio

Byron Buxton

George Springer

Domingo Santana

Michael Choice

Nick Williams

Did I forget anyone?

What would your Top 5 AL OF Prospect List look like?