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2013 World Series Predictions: Winners, MVPs and more

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The Fake Teams writers give you their predictions on who wins the 2013 World Series, how many games it goes, and who wins the World Series MVP.


One of our new writers, Dave Morris Jr. came up with the idea that we all offer our predictions on who will win the 2013 World Series in a group post, and I thought it was a great idea. So, here are the predictions for who will win the World Series, in how many games, and who will win the MVP, in the words of each of our writers:

Andrew Ball

"If you listen to the podcast (and if you don't, get on that!), you know that I a) am a Red Sox fan and b) I picked them to take down the Dodgers in the World Series prior to the playoffs. Even with a different opponent, I'm sticking to my guns and predicting a Boston win in six games. Boston's offense led the majors in wRC+ (115), ranked second in ISO (.169) and stole 123 bases while getting caught just 19 times. On the pitching side, I think the rotations are evenly matched, plus, John Farrell can shorten games with Craig Breslow, Junichi Tazawa, and Koji Uehara. It should be a tight series, but I like the Sox to bring home their third title in the last decade."

Alex Kantecki

"Red Sox in five. I'm a National League guy and I can't grow a beard, but the Red Sox have the upper hand. The key to the series is Cardinals rookie right-hander Michael Wacha. Can he silence the Boston bats like he did the Pirates and Dodgers? I say no, and that's going to be the difference this time around. My heart says Jacoby Ellsbury for World Series MVP, but give me Jon Lester to pick up a pair of wins and the hardware."

Brian Stultz

"Baseball? It is still going on? As a Cubs fan, I had no idea baseball was played this late into the year. Who is playing in the World Series? THE RED SOX AND CARDINALS? Oh for crying out loud. Who did these two teams beat, Iran and a team full of Vladimir Putins? I could care less who wins because, either way, it will make me upset. CUBS IN 2018!"

Nabae Asfar

"Boston Red Sox vs St. Louis Cardinals. They're back. Again. No matter who they trade, what manager they bring in, the St. Louis Cardinals always seem to find a way to make it back to the World Series. It's a testament to this club and their cohesiveness that they can lose an Albert Pujols and not miss a beat. Allen Craig is a big reason the Cardinals have not lost much from the Pujols departure and the Cardinals will finally have him back for the World Series. Craig was out of the playoffs and majority of the end of the season with a foot injury. He's finally healthy enough to come back to the team and will initially serve as a DH. Craig was instrumental for the Cardinals batting .315 AVG with 13 HR's and 97 RBI's. They managed to dispose of the Dodgers without him, but his presence in the line up will be much needed against the Red Sox.

The Red Sox. Grrrrr.....The Red Sox. Can I not talk about them? Yes, I'm a Tigers fan. Yes, Game 2 will forever haunt me no matter what I do. Yes, I feel like throwing up right now just thinking about it. But....yes, they are a very good team. What a turnaround too, I mean who the heck would have thought Bobby Valentine could build such a....wait, what? It's not Bobby Valentine's team? He's unemployed and was last seen at the local community college taking English classes? Huh. Ok, then. Kudos to you, John Farrell. You have done an outstanding job taking a team that Valentine left for dead, and immediately took them from the bottom...oh yeah, you're gonna get a Drake reference here, because no excerpt is complete without a Drake reference -- Boston Red Sox, started from the bottom and now we HERE! Started from the bottom now my whole team f****n here! Imagine Farrell screaming that after the Sox win the World Series. How epic would that be?

Anyway, unfortunately, I do not believe he will get the chance to scream that because I have the Cardinals, once again, winning it all. The amount of changes this team has gone through and still find a way to make it to the World Series is mind boggling. They don't splash the cash like other teams, they quietly build from within and make impactful big signings such as Matt Holliday and Carlos Beltran. Yadier Molina, David Freese, the aforementioned Allen Craig, and Matt Carpenter will be able to form a reliable offense for the Cardinals While their pitching consists of rookie Michael Wacha who has taken the playoff stage to truly show the world his skills by posting a 0.43 ERA in 3 starts and the always reliable ace Adam Wainwright will be a tough 1-2 punch for the Red Sox to counter with. Even though the Red Sox have Lester and Buchholz, I think the Cardinals will be able to overcome. Cardinals win in 6 games 4-2 MVP: Matt Holliday"

Ray Guilfoyle

"As a Dodgers fan, I am going to side with the Cardinals in the World Series. They showed they could win games with just a few hits, and I like the top of their rotation headed by Adam Wainwright better than the Red Sox rotation. These two teams took different paths to get here, as the Red Sox went from last to first this season, as they remade their roster after the huge trade with the Dodgers in August 2012. The Cardinals, on the other hand, have built their 25 man roster from within, as they have 17 home-grown players on their 25 man World Series roster. Pretty impressive. I see the Cardinals winning in 6 games, with Adam Wainwright winning two games, one at Fenway Paawwwk and one in St. Louis, and being named the 2013 World Series MVP."

Dave Morris Jr.

"When I woke up yesterday morning I was dead set on the Cardinals winning the 2013 World Series. There wasn't much in the way of statistical analysis behind my choice, more I just had a feeling. Well feelings aren't worth a damn and today I've decided to go with the Boston Red Sox in 6 games as your 2013 World Series Champions.

While I believe the Cardinals have the true ace in Wainwright, I feel the remainder of their rotation will not be able to stack up to the veteran presence of the Boston Redsox. Will Michael Wacha's magical run continue as he pitches game 2 on the road in Fenway? I like Boston's chances much better sending the new and improved John Lackey to the bump. Neither Peavy nor Buchholz have been lights out this post season - okay Peavy has been horrible in a very small sample - but Joe Kelly and Lance Lynn have not pitched much better for the Cardinals thus far. If the Redsox can get one of Peavy or Buchholz to turn the Cardinal's line up over three times during their respective road starts, I believe the Redsox will have the upper hand for the remainder of the series.

It will also be very interesting to watch how the Redsox use Mike Napoli and David Ortiz on the road and how the Cardinals deploy Matt Adams and the hobbled Allen Craig. The Cardinal's line up looks much better in Fenway with the presence of Craig or Adams at DH and the other at first base, but how effective Craig will be is another story. Meanwhile, having to sit one of Napoli or Ortiz during games 3, 4 & 5 (if necessary), while not ideal, does allow for the Redsox to pinch hit for Peavy or Buchholz as soon as trouble may present itself with an elite power bat.

In the end I give Game 1 to the Cardinals, Games 2 and 3 to the Redsox, Game 4 to the Cardinals and Games 5 and 6 to the Redsox. John Lackey's two dominant starts will earn him World Series MVP honors and Boston fans everywhere will forget how horrible he was for the first three years of his 82.5 million dollar contract."

Daniel Kelley

"I have this buddy, Roger. As soon as the Reds' season is done every year, he moves on from baseball. Same with the Bears in football (which, you know, might have happened over the weekend -- sorry, Jay Cutler). If Roger's team isn't going to win, he doesn't particularly care who it will be. I've always fought that. Sure, the Rangers might be out of it, but I'm a baseball fan first, Rangers fan second, you know? I can always find a rooting interest.

This year, it's hard. There's no underdog to root for, no Yankees to root against. Both fanbases have become increasingly insufferable. It's tough for Fan Me. But maybe that's a good thing for Analyst Me, as I'm not about to be blinded by some "But Neftali Feliz is the bestest!" love. So when I put down here that the Red Sox will win the World Series in six games, behind the MVP-winning bat of Jacoby Ellsbury, you can rest assured that it's not fandom driving the pick. That doesn't mean the pick is accurate, as I can often be quite dumb, but at least it's impartial dumbness.

And I'll be watching the games. Because it's baseball, dangit, and it's the last baseball we'll be getting for a while. I might not be a fan of the Red Sox or Cardinals, but I'm a fan of that."

Daniel Schwartz

"Quicky WS projection is Cards over Sox in an epic 7 games."

Brian Creagh

"Since I can't pick Detroit, I'm going to make this short and sweet:

Winner: St. Louis Cardinals in 5 Games

MVP: Yadier Molina

Allen Craig's return gives the Cardinals offense the punch they've been missing and gives them some needed depth on the bench by keeping Matt Adams for the late innings. Wacha and Wainwright are hot right now, and I can't pick against them even if it is against a loaded Boston offense. I also believe we see the emergence of Shelby Miller, either as a long reliever a la Tim Lincecum, or he gets the nod over Lance Lynn in Game 3. Molina wins the MVP with a clutch HR in one game, and shutting down the Boston running game throughout the series. Cards will win one in business and sweep back home in St. Louis to celebrate on their home turf."

So, you've read our prediction, share with us who you think is going to win the 2013 World Series, in how many games, and who is your WS MVP? Let's hear it.

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