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Fake Teams Offseason Fantasy Baseball Coverage

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The fantasy baseball season doesn't end at Fake Teams. Check out what we have in store for you this offseason.


Some sites move to covering fantasy football in June, others in August, and along with that, they stop providing fantasy baseball coverage during the offseason. Not here. We provide fantasy baseball coverage every day, 365 days a year.

Our offseason coverage has begun with my review of our preseason Consensus Position Rankings, and last week the Fake Teams Prospect staff (Jason, Andrew and Brian) began a huge project covering the Top 10 Fantasy Prospects for every organization, starting with the Baltimore Orioles and Boston Red Sox, in the Minor League Keeper Thoughts series.

Below you will find Jason's schedule for publishing the Top 10 fantasy prospects for each team:

System Schedule

AL East

AL Central

AL West

NL East

NL Central

NL West









Los Angeles




New York



New York


Los Angeles

Tampa Bay

Kansas City




San Diego





St. Louis

San Francisco

The Fake Teams prospect staff has made several excellent changes to the Top 10 Prospects for each organization series including:

  • Stats table for each prospect profiled
  • Player pictures for most of the prospects profiled (some are hard to find)
  • Detailed player profiles on each of the Top 10 prospects for each organization

In addition to the Minor League Keeper Thoughts: Top 10 Fantasy Prospects series, I just finished my review of our 2013 Consensus Position Rankings. In addition to these series, here are some of the things we have planned for this offseason:

  • Fake Teams Staff Roundtable pieces on the MVP, Cy Young and Rookie of the Year awards
  • Preliminary Fantasy Position Rankings
  • 2014 Consensus Fantasy Position Rankings series (starting in January)
  • 2014 Consensus Fantasy Prospect Rankings (starting in January)
  • Top 200/300 Overall Rankings
  • Top 150/200 Fantasy Prospect Rankings
  • Auction Dollar Values included in our 2014 Position Rankings
  • Projections for each player profiled in our 2014 Position Rankings, courtesy of Daniel Schwartz from Fake Teams and Rotobanter
  • Position rankings for AL-only and NL-only leagues
  • Position rankings for Points leagues
  • Players to target in 2014 drafts
  • Players to avoid in 2014 drafts
  • Sleeper candidates for 2014
  • Breakout candidates for 2014
  • Fantasy impact for every big free agent signing and offseason trade
  • MLB Trade Rumors articles
  • Player Profiles
  • Offseason Fantasy Baseball Chats/ Q & A Threads
  • Bold predictions pieces from each of the Fake Teams writers
  • Progress, Regress, Anyone's Guess from Brian Creagh
  • Three True Outcomes from Andrew Ball
  • Weekly fantasy baseball podcasts hosted by Andrew Ball and Zack Smith
  • Who would you rather have discussion articles
  • and much more

In addition to the fantasy baseball coverage, as you have seen over the past month or so, we have added Fantasy EPL Soccer and Fantasy Basketball coverage as well. Brian Stultz and Nabae Asfar are covering the Fantasy EPL for us, and Nabae is also extending his breadth of coverage into the fantasy basketball scene, and he recently published his Top 20 position rankings, which you can find in the links below:

2013-2014 Fantasy Basketball Position Rankings

Top 20 Point Guards

Top 20 Shooting Guards

Top 20 Small Forwards

Top 20 Power Forwards

Top 20 Centers

Suggestions Wanted

If you feel we are missing something that you want covered, please let us know in the comments section below. We will do our best to provide you with the best fantasy coverage on the net.

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